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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# ****
# we will use the ``euca2ools`` cli tool that wraps the python boto
# library to test ec2 bundle upload compatibility
echo "*********************************************************************"
echo "Begin DevStack Exercise: $0"
echo "*********************************************************************"
# This script exits on an error so that errors don't compound and you see
# only the first error that occurred.
set -o errexit
# Print the commands being run so that we can see the command that triggers
# an error. It is also useful for following allowing as the install occurs.
set -o xtrace
# Settings
# ========
# Keep track of the current directory
EXERCISE_DIR=$(cd $(dirname "$0") && pwd)
TOP_DIR=$(cd $EXERCISE_DIR/..; pwd)
# Import common functions
source $TOP_DIR/functions
# Import EC2 configuration
source $TOP_DIR/eucarc
# Import exercise configuration
source $TOP_DIR/exerciserc
# Remove old certificates
rm -f $TOP_DIR/cacert.pem
rm -f $TOP_DIR/cert.pem
rm -f $TOP_DIR/pk.pem
# If nova api is not enabled we exit with exitcode 55 so that
# the exercise is skipped
is_service_enabled n-api || exit 55
# Get Certificates
nova x509-get-root-cert $TOP_DIR/cacert.pem
nova x509-create-cert $TOP_DIR/pk.pem $TOP_DIR/cert.pem
# Max time to wait for image to be registered
truncate -s 5M /tmp/$IMAGE
euca-bundle-image -i /tmp/$IMAGE || die $LINENO "Failure bundling image $IMAGE"
euca-upload-bundle --debug -b $BUCKET -m /tmp/$IMAGE.manifest.xml || die $LINENO "Failure uploading bundle $IMAGE to $BUCKET"
AMI=`euca-register $BUCKET/$IMAGE.manifest.xml | cut -f2`
die_if_not_set $LINENO AMI "Failure registering $BUCKET/$IMAGE"
# Wait for the image to become available
if ! timeout $REGISTER_TIMEOUT sh -c "while euca-describe-images | grep $AMI | grep -q available; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "Image $AMI not available within $REGISTER_TIMEOUT seconds"
# Clean up
euca-deregister $AMI || die $LINENO "Failure deregistering $AMI"
set +o xtrace
echo "*********************************************************************"
echo "SUCCESS: End DevStack Exercise: $0"
echo "*********************************************************************"
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