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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# **** - using the cloud can be fun
# Test instance connectivity with the ``nova`` command from ``python-novaclient``
echo "*********************************************************************"
echo "Begin DevStack Exercise: $0"
echo "*********************************************************************"
# This script exits on an error so that errors don't compound and you see
# only the first error that occurred.
set -o errexit
# Print the commands being run so that we can see the command that triggers
# an error. It is also useful for following as the install occurs.
set -o xtrace
# Settings
# ========
# Keep track of the current directory
EXERCISE_DIR=$(cd $(dirname "$0") && pwd)
TOP_DIR=$(cd $EXERCISE_DIR/..; pwd)
# Import common functions
source $TOP_DIR/functions
# Import configuration
source $TOP_DIR/openrc
# Import project functions
source $TOP_DIR/lib/neutron
source $TOP_DIR/lib/neutron-legacy
# Import exercise configuration
source $TOP_DIR/exerciserc
# If nova api is not enabled we exit with exitcode 55 so that
# the exercise is skipped
is_service_enabled n-api || exit 55
# Instance type to create
# Boot this image, use first AMI image if unset
# Security group name
# Default floating IP pool name
# Additional floating IP pool and range
# Instance name
# Cells does not support floating ips API calls
is_service_enabled n-cell && exit 55
# Launching a server
# ==================
# List servers for tenant:
nova list
# Images
# ------
# List the images available
openstack image list
# Grab the id of the image to launch
IMAGE=$(openstack image list | egrep " $DEFAULT_IMAGE_NAME " | get_field 1)
die_if_not_set $LINENO IMAGE "Failure getting image $DEFAULT_IMAGE_NAME"
# Security Groups
# ---------------
# List security groups
nova secgroup-list
# Create a secgroup
if ! nova secgroup-list | grep -q $SECGROUP; then
nova secgroup-create $SECGROUP "$SECGROUP description"
if ! timeout $ASSOCIATE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while ! nova secgroup-list | grep -q $SECGROUP; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "Security group not created"
# Configure Security Group Rules
if ! nova secgroup-list-rules $SECGROUP | grep -q icmp; then
nova secgroup-add-rule $SECGROUP icmp -1 -1
if ! nova secgroup-list-rules $SECGROUP | grep -q " tcp .* 22 "; then
nova secgroup-add-rule $SECGROUP tcp 22 22
# List secgroup rules
nova secgroup-list-rules $SECGROUP
# Set up instance
# ---------------
# List flavors
nova flavor-list
# Select a flavor
INSTANCE_TYPE=$(nova flavor-list | grep $DEFAULT_INSTANCE_TYPE | get_field 1)
if [[ -z "$INSTANCE_TYPE" ]]; then
# grab the first flavor in the list to launch if default doesn't exist
INSTANCE_TYPE=$(nova flavor-list | head -n 4 | tail -n 1 | get_field 1)
die_if_not_set $LINENO INSTANCE_TYPE "Failure retrieving INSTANCE_TYPE"
# Clean-up from previous runs
nova delete $VM_NAME || true
if ! timeout $ACTIVE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while nova show $VM_NAME; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "server didn't terminate!"
exit 1
# Boot instance
# -------------
VM_UUID=$(nova boot --flavor $INSTANCE_TYPE --image $IMAGE --security-groups=$SECGROUP $VM_NAME | grep ' id ' | get_field 2)
die_if_not_set $LINENO VM_UUID "Failure launching $VM_NAME"
# Check that the status is active within ACTIVE_TIMEOUT seconds
if ! timeout $ACTIVE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while ! nova show $VM_UUID | grep status | grep -q ACTIVE; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "server didn't become active!"
# Get the instance IP
IP=$(get_instance_ip $VM_UUID $PRIVATE_NETWORK_NAME)
die_if_not_set $LINENO IP "Failure retrieving IP address"
# Private IPs can be pinged in single node deployments
# Floating IPs
# ------------
# Allocate a floating IP from the default pool
FLOATING_IP=$(nova floating-ip-create | grep $DEFAULT_FLOATING_POOL | get_field 1)
die_if_not_set $LINENO FLOATING_IP "Failure creating floating IP from pool $DEFAULT_FLOATING_POOL"
# List floating addresses
if ! timeout $ASSOCIATE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while ! nova floating-ip-list | grep -q $FLOATING_IP; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "Floating IP not allocated"
# Add floating IP to our server
nova add-floating-ip $VM_UUID $FLOATING_IP || \
die $LINENO "Failure adding floating IP $FLOATING_IP to $VM_NAME"
# Test we can ping our floating IP within ASSOCIATE_TIMEOUT seconds
if ! is_service_enabled neutron; then
# Allocate an IP from second floating pool
TEST_FLOATING_IP=$(nova floating-ip-create $TEST_FLOATING_POOL | grep $TEST_FLOATING_POOL | get_field 1)
die_if_not_set $LINENO TEST_FLOATING_IP "Failure creating floating IP in $TEST_FLOATING_POOL"
# list floating addresses
if ! timeout $ASSOCIATE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while ! nova floating-ip-list | grep $TEST_FLOATING_POOL | grep -q $TEST_FLOATING_IP; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "Floating IP not allocated"
# Dis-allow icmp traffic (ping)
nova secgroup-delete-rule $SECGROUP icmp -1 -1 || \
die $LINENO "Failure deleting security group rule from $SECGROUP"
if ! timeout $ASSOCIATE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while nova secgroup-list-rules $SECGROUP | grep -q icmp; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "Security group rule not deleted from $SECGROUP"
# FIXME (anthony): make xs support security groups
if [ "$VIRT_DRIVER" != "ironic" -a "$VIRT_DRIVER" != "xenserver" -a "$VIRT_DRIVER" != "openvz" ]; then
# Test we can aren't able to ping our floating ip within ASSOCIATE_TIMEOUT seconds
# Clean up
# --------
if ! is_service_enabled neutron; then
# Delete second floating IP
nova floating-ip-delete $TEST_FLOATING_IP || \
die $LINENO "Failure deleting floating IP $TEST_FLOATING_IP"
# Delete the floating ip
nova floating-ip-delete $FLOATING_IP || \
die $LINENO "Failure deleting floating IP $FLOATING_IP"
# Delete instance
nova delete $VM_UUID || die $LINENO "Failure deleting instance $VM_NAME"
# Wait for termination
if ! timeout $TERMINATE_TIMEOUT sh -c "while nova list | grep -q $VM_UUID; do sleep 1; done"; then
die $LINENO "Server $VM_NAME not deleted"
# Delete secgroup
nova secgroup-delete $SECGROUP || \
die $LINENO "Failure deleting security group $SECGROUP"
set +o xtrace
echo "*********************************************************************"
echo "SUCCESS: End DevStack Exercise: $0"
echo "*********************************************************************"