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Browse files removes all the files was incorrectly looping over the list of files to remove. Because of
this the files were not being removed.

Change-Id: Ie0559e1d396a4d35df6a12dfbceefa7eb261bac5
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1 parent 3ac259c commit cb415697f37d3df2965f71b19c909a4c50f32eed @shashankhegde shashankhegde committed Feb 27, 2014
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@@ -123,6 +123,6 @@ fi
FILES_TO_CLEAN=" docs-files docs/ shocco/ stack-screenrc test*.conf* test.ini*"
FILES_TO_CLEAN+=".stackenv .prereqs"
-for file in FILES_TO_CLEAN; do
+for file in $FILES_TO_CLEAN; do
rm -f $TOP_DIR/$file

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