Commits on Sep 26, 2016
  1. Merge "Remove remaining fwaas code"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Sep 26, 2016
  2. Merge "Keystone uwsgi set lazy-apps=true"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit Sep 26, 2016
  3. Mount identity admin script at /identity_admin

    The /identity_admin endpoint is the port 80/443 equivalent of the
    service that typically runs on port 35357. In v2 some operations must be
    performed on the admin endpoint whereas on v3 the services on 5000 and
    35357 are exactly the same. This would be why the service was mounted at
    /identity_v2_admin however that is misleading because both the v2 and v3
    services are present on that endpoint.
    This is particularly confusing because we set this as the OS_AUTH_URL
    endpoint and it makes it seem like we are doing v2 authentication when
    we are not.
    Change-Id: If73735026079fb19ca5bd44b3a4dc1f507b5c99d
    jamielennox committed with sdague Jul 26, 2016
Commits on Sep 21, 2016
Commits on Sep 20, 2016
  1. Use apache for tls-proxy ssl termination

    Stud is now abandonware (see and is
    not packaged in xenial. Lets use Apache for SSL termination since its
    there already.
    Change-Id: Ifcba410f5969521e8b3d30f02795541c1661f83a
    greghaynes committed with cboylan Sep 1, 2016
  2. Neutron: enable setting debug as True or False

    The flag ENABLE_DEBUG_LOG_LEVEL indicates if this should be
    set or not.
    This will now be supported in Neutron.
    Change-Id: I3afe0546b379873247fee1ef9f4cc2708a7b5713
    gkotton committed Sep 20, 2016
Commits on Sep 19, 2016
  1. Neutron L3: account for all default routes

    Some systems may have more than one default route.
    Set up iptables NAT rules on all v4 default route devices.
    Accept RAs on all v6 default route devices.
    Closes-Bug: #1624773
    Change-Id: If58509297497ea33c6c156f083a4394000bd0561
    HenryGessau committed Sep 17, 2016
Commits on Sep 16, 2016
  1. Updated from generate-devstack-plugins-list

    Change-Id: I20039918452f6aa430037ae986f7cd88bd220d76
    OpenStack Proposal Bot committed Sep 16, 2016
Commits on Sep 15, 2016
  1. Updated from generate-devstack-plugins-list

    Change-Id: Ib75ecf5c822f3778978177c793399afbd802bf70
    OpenStack Proposal Bot committed Sep 15, 2016
Commits on Sep 14, 2016
  1. Updated from generate-devstack-plugins-list

    Change-Id: I21fd2b3866efe66dd1f7173003c2521688aa7fd6
    OpenStack Proposal Bot committed Sep 14, 2016
Commits on Sep 12, 2016
  1. libvirt: install python-guestfs when ENABLE_FILE_INJECTION=True

    There is a bit of a weird history here, but the net is we're not
    installing python-guestfs when ENABLE_FILE_INJECTION is set, which
    it is in the gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ssh job, which makes
    file injection (personality) tests fail.
    The history:
    Commit 0ae942b moved installing
    python-guestfs to the hypervisor-libvirt file and it was conditional
    on a flag to enable file injection and the backing distro.
    Commit a3c9446 removed the ability
    to configure nova for file injection, which never made any Tempest
    tests fail because we didn't have a job that tested file injection
    with ssh, which is what gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ssh does.
    Commit 6d3670a added the ability
    back to enable file injection and the gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ssh
    job uses it, but missed added the condition back in from 0ae942b
    which installed the python-guestfs package. This change adds that
    back in.
    Change-Id: I1c1ef093b70007100646c086dc5724cd64751d00
    Closes-Bug: #1622649
    mriedem committed Sep 12, 2016
  2. Don't add deb-* packaging repos to plugin list

    A couple of hundred of these were added with
    Ia02f4e1819ac47b12b4ce4381e04253eb26e9f70 and you can see in some of
    the proposals at I21fd2b3866efe66dd1f7173003c2521688aa7fd6 they're
    starting to match.  Just ignore packaging repos as they're not really
    relevant for the purposes of plugin list.
    Change-Id: Iaf9e0c0fb672a70c3aee1bbcf587bb0d387e5945
    ianw committed Sep 12, 2016
Commits on Sep 9, 2016
  1. Set sensible default for LB_PHYSICAL_INT

    Configure the linux bridge physical interface to use the interface for
    the default route on the current host. In the future we should consider
    using a dangling interface so that we aren't affecting the host
    instances networking but this roughly matches what testing has been
    using in the past.
    Change-Id: I7859437f97e6cab929e90208fe56f7efd62dfe01
    cboylan committed Sep 9, 2016
Commits on Sep 8, 2016
Commits on Sep 6, 2016
  1. Add thin-provisioning-tools for Cinder

    Ubuntu's LVM packaging does not support thin provisioning by
     /usr/sbin/thin_check: execvp failed: No such file or directory
    This is fixed with install of thin-provisioning-tools.
    Change-Id: I31f572934ea94cae6e2aea27a2c731ee5bca68d3
    Closes-Bug: #1615134
    scottda committed Sep 6, 2016
  2. Make PIP_GET_PIP_URL configurable via local.conf

    The default get_pip url regulary times out when starting devstack
    from behind company firewalls. Making this a configureable variable,
    user can make use of internal mirrors without modifying
    any code.
    Change-Id: I66a5534d51ab23a4d8586c27d37b4b6b8a6892c9
    scheuran committed with ianw Aug 26, 2016
Commits on Sep 4, 2016
  1. Adding vfio to cgroup_device_acl during libvirt configuration

    vfio should be added to cgroups on some of the Distributions like
    Ubuntu 16-04
    Change-Id: I7239858b6307e37bf1237b92d69a0520ab5ad304
    lennybe committed Sep 4, 2016
Commits on Sep 2, 2016
  1. Remove the same configurations as the default

    The default value of force_dhcp_release is True on Nova side:
    The default value of vnc.enabled is True on Nova side:
    The default value of spice.enabled is False on Nova side:
    So it is not necessary to set them on Devstack.
    Change-Id: I67cc103269d2d612ad443c72f2a77d7ae2ca09e3
    Ken'ichi Ohmichi committed Sep 2, 2016