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OpenStack Boston Summit


  • Container Management 의 defactor
  • OpenStack 의 k8s 로 기동하기 위한 시도
  • kolla-k8s
  • LBaaS : k8s with ECMP
  • CPU & GPU workloads on k8s & openstack
  • Local Storage for k8s
  • Persistent Volumes to StatefulSets
  • k8s on HPC
  • kuryr-k8s
  • Kubernetes Networking for ‘Stackers: Getting Packets from Pod to Pod
  • Persistent Volumes to StatefulSets: All About Managing Persistent Data in Kubernetes


  • CERN: Containers on the Cloud
  • Kuryr-Kubernetes: The Seamless Path to Adding Pods to Your Datacenter Networking
  • Common Networking Operations Across Kubernetes and OpenStack​ with Calico
  • Future of Containers in OpenStack (Zun)
  • Kuryr&Fuxi: Delivering OpenStack Networking and Storage to Docker Swarm Containers
  • Understanding the Difference Between Virtualization and Containers
  • Build Production Ready Container Platform Based on Magnum and Kubernetes
  • AT&T Container Strategy and OpenStack's Role in It
  • Magnum 101: Introduction to Magnum
  • Kubernetes on OpenStack: What's Available and Where Are the Gaps?
  • Cloud Native Computing with Kubernetes and OpenStack
  • Kubernetes and OpenStack at Scale
  • Kubernetes on OpenStack on Kubernetes: The Infrastructure Club Sandwich

Big Data

  • Big Data as a Service at Mass Open Cloud
  • Introducing Swifta: A Performant Hadoop File System Driver for OpenStack Swift
  • New Project Meteos : Machine Learning as a Service


  • Comparing the Barbican and Vault Security Models
  • Introduction to Container Security
  • Secure Containers Using Kernel Self-Protection


  • Cinder Stands Alone
  • Continuous Delivery of Stateful Applications Using Cinder at Paddy Power Betfair
  • Dive into The Migration of Stateful Application to DCOS Platform

Bare metal

  • OpenStack Ironic - features, scalability, performance, use cases and future with Intel's RSD
  • Ironic Grenade: Blowing Up Our Upgrades