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- findpkg: new command to easily find single package
- specfile: extend BuildArch sanity check to %autosetup
- specfile: add a sanity check for double # patches_base
- tag-patches: ignore RPM Epoch
- get-source: unbreak after defaults change
- reqcheck: add --spec/-s output for pasting
- pkgenv: show patches apply method

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rdopkg is an RPM packaging automation tool. It provides automation for package maintenance including git-based patches management and automagic rebases to new upstream versions with nice changelogs and commit messages. It also contains various functionality we needed for RDO packaging, such as advanced requirements.txt management for python projects.

rdopkg is under constant development, serving mainly the needs of the mighty RDO packager-warriors, but it strives to help all RPM packagers.

Generic distgit and patches management functionality and conventions provided by rdopkg proved to be efficient way of packaging fast-moving upstream projects with minimal human effort.

In order to make this functionality conveniently available for packagers, I'm slowly yet steadily (re)factoring and refining rdopkg features into reusable modules with a grand goal of creating modular packaging tools framework. This goal is described in pwnpkg and you should read it if you're interested in writing you own packaging tools such as new fedpkg/copr-cli we deserve.


from RPM repo (default)

The easiest and recommended way to get rdopkg is use jruzicka/rdopkg copr. The linked page contains instructions howto enable the repository:

dnf copr enable jruzicka/rdopkg

After you've enabled the repo, just

dnf install rdopkg

Note that Fedora review is underway but not likely to finish before pwnpkg split.

from source

If you want to hack rdopkg or just have the latest fixes without waiting for next release, I suggest using the git repo directly a la

git clone https://github.com/openstack-packages/rdopkg
cd rdopkg
python setup.py develop --user

Required python modules are listed in requirements.txt and also in rdopkg.spec as RPM requirements.

from PyPI

For your convenience, rdopkg is also available from the Cheese Shop. This should come in handy especially if you want to reuse rdopkg as a module.

pip install rdopkg

The Manual

Exhaustive rdopkg manual is available, you can:

You might also be interested in RDO packaging guide which contains some examples of rdopkg usage and more.


Please use the github Issues to report bugs. I usually fix them within days.