A declarative framework for resilient Kubernetes deployment.
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mark-burnett and sh8121att Refactor API server
This change accomplishes 2 primary things:
1. It generalizes work to enable the EventRateLimit admission plugin.
2. It restructures the anchor so that during an upgrade an "old" anchor
   does not try to coordinate the injection of "new" data from

It also includes these ancillary changes:
* Clean up apiserver argument specification in the chart.
* De-duplicate and realign apiserver arguments in bootstrapping templates.

It has the side effects of:
* Adding a new field, ".apiserver.arguments" to the Genesis config,
  which will be the preferred way to configure bootstrapping apiservers
  going forward (in lieu of command_prefix).

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Promenade is a tool for bootstrapping a resilient Kubernetes cluster and managing its life-cycle via Helm charts.

Documentation can be found here.


The detailed Roadmap can be viewed on the OpenStack StoryBoard.

  • Cluster bootstrapping
    • Initial Genesis process results in a single node Kubernetes cluster with Under-cloud components deployed using Armada.
    • Joining sufficient master nodes results in a resilient Kubernetes cluster.
    • Destroy Genesis node after bootstrapping and re-provision as a normal node to ensure consistency.
  • Life-cycle management
    • Decommissioning of nodes.
    • Updating Kubernetes version.

Getting Started

To get started, see getting started.

Configuration is documented here.


Bugs are tracked in OpenStack StoryBoard.