Ansible role for security hardening
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mgariepy Switch to rtcsync for chrony
when setting security_ntp_sync_rtc to true, chrony will sync rtc every
11 minutes.

using rtcfile + rtcautotrim locks access to rtc clock for other tools,
like hwclock or timedatectl so it's hard to validate that the clock is
really synced.

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The ansible-hardening role applies security hardening configurations from the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) to systems running the following distributions:

  • CentOS 7
  • Debian Jessie
  • Fedora 27
  • openSUSE Leap 42.2 and 42.3
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 (experimental)
  • Ubuntu 16.04

For more details, review the ansible-hardening documentation.

Release notes for the project can be found at:


This role can be used with or without OpenStack-Ansible. It requires Ansible 2.3 or later.

Role Variables

All of the variables for this role are in defaults/main.yml.


This role has no dependencies.

Example Playbook

Using the role is fairly straightforward:

- hosts: servers
     - ansible-hardening

Running with Vagrant

This role can be tested easily on multiple platforms using Vagrant.

The Vagrantfile supports testing on:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • CentOS 7

To test on all platforms:

vagrant destroy --force && vagrant up

To test on Ubuntu 14.04 only:

vagrant destroy ubuntu1404 --force && vagrant up ubuntu1404

To test on Ubuntu 16.04 only:

vagrant destroy ubuntu1604 --force && vagrant up ubuntu1604

To test on CentOS 7 only:

vagrant destroy centos7 --force && vagrant up centos7


Apache 2.0

Author Information

For more information, join #openstack-ansible on Freenode.