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Correct current_build expansion for rhos pipeline jobs

current_build for rhos jobs is a puddle not a dlrn hash
so when we run it through the hash expander we get nothing
back and pass a blank current build. The build then fails
because quickstart can't figure out what puddle to download.

Change-Id: I011e358cd26e553275d00e02e198d3744e1c4cbe
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jkilpatr committed Nov 29, 2017
1 parent 0804dc9 commit 277111dd31e84e4aa87b742b2702b051e7e05c79
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@@ -45,13 +45,14 @@ if [ ! -z ${current_build+x} ]
source $WORKSPACE/tripleo-environments/ci-scripts/
hash=$(get_delorean_hash_from_url $current_build)
expanded_hash=$(get_expanded_delorean_hash_from_url $current_build)
export VARS="$VARS --extra-vars current_build=$hash"
if [[ $RELEASE == *rhos-* ]]
export RELEASE="$RELEASE" #no mutations needed after latest changes
export VARS="$VARS --extra-vars current_build=$current_build"
export RELEASE="$RELEASE-rhel"
export VARS="$VARS --extra-vars current_build=$hash"
#If we are not in the pipeline downstream builds need to use current-passed-ci

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