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Updated docs for creating grafyaml key

There was some confusion around installing grafana dashboards since
the move to grafyaml, tried to update the docs to make it further clear
about steps needed.

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@@ -113,11 +113,14 @@ you deploy with aggregation.
Browbeat uses Grafyaml to upload dashboards to Grafana. Grafyaml is installed by browbeat
at the location pointed to by the variable `browbeat_venv` in `ansible/install/group_vars/all.yml`.
So, you need to first run the browbeat install playbook `ansible/install/browbeat.yml` before running
the below playbook.
To upload dashboards, the api key is required which can be generated by following instructions at
[stack@ospd ansible]$ # update the vars and make sure to update grafana_apikey with value
[stack@ospd ansible]$ vi install/group_vars/all.yml
[stack@ospd ansible]$ ansible-playbook -i hosts install/browbeat.yml # if not run before.
[stack@ospd ansible]$ ansible-playbook -i hosts install/grafana-dashboards.yml
Not mantained (Pre-Pike): Run Overcloud checks

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