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Fix the misspelling of "available"

Change-Id: I8be838cc3f5b80243db4804d81ee14957b993bdf
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lijunjie committed Jan 22, 2019
1 parent cde805b commit b175e81923c4647e31e8d6e288ee527ebc3cfc32
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  1. +3 −3 ansible/install/roles/collectd-openstack/files/
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ def parse_diskstats(self, input):
Parse iostat -d and -dx output.If there are more
than one series of statistics, get the last one.
By default parse statistics for all avaliable block devices.
By default parse statistics for all available block devices.
@type input: C{string}
@param input: iostat output
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ def _run(self, options=None):
def _get_childs_data(child):
Return child's data when avaliable.
Return child's data when available.
(stdout, stderr) = child.communicate()
ecode = child.poll()
@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ def _get_childs_data(child):

def get_diskstats(self):
Get all avaliable disks statistics that we can get.
Get all available disks statistics that we can get.
iostat -kNd
tps kB_read/s kB_wrtn/s kB_read kB_wrtn
iostat -kNdx

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