Fuel is the control plane for installing and managing OpenStack. It is capable of doing bare metal provisioning of physical nodes, installing OpenStack on them, and much more.
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Team and repository tags

Team and repository tags


This git repository contains Fuel ISO build scripts.

Directory structure:

  • fuel-bootstrap-image Scripts which allow us to build Ubuntu based bootstrap ramdisk on the Fuel master node in runtime. The status of this ramdisk is experimental.
  • iso Scripts that are used for building Fuel ISO.
  • mirror Scripts to build local mirrors that are used for building chroot environments, bootstrap and target images, etc.
  • packages Scripts that are used for building Fuel RPM and DEB packages.
  • specs RPM spec for fuel and fuel-release packages.
  • utils Auxiliary scripts. (being deprecated)
  • Makefile It is the main GNU Make file which includes all other necessary GNU Make files.
  • config.mk The file where the whole build process is parametrized.
  • prepare-build-env.sh The script installs all necessary packages that are needed for the build process. Currently only Ubuntu 14.04 is supported.
  • repos.mk The script which downloads git repositories that are needed for the build process.
  • requirements-rpm.txt This file is used when building local RPM mirror. All RPM packages that are needed for Fuel are listed here.
  • sandbox.mk The script that is used for building chroot environments.