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Etcd as a base service

There have been a lot of discussions around scenarios like
distributed locks, storing additional configuration information
and coordinating service liveness checks without using a database
etc. Example:

So at the Boston Summit Forum, we had a session on a specific proposal
to consider Etcd 3.x for such scenarios:

There was consensus in the room based on which a bunch of work
was done in tooz, devstack etc after thorough research on the
options available for both eventlet and non-eventlet based services.

The consensus grew around folks using oslo library like tooz or if
they choose, they can directly use etcd using python client
libraries like etcd3 (for non-eventlet scenarios) and etcd3gw (for
eventlet based scenarios). We should be using the v3 APIs using
the etcd 3.1.x versions to avoid migration issues from the older
v2 APIs.

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@@ -25,6 +25,11 @@ Current list of base services
as an indirection layer. While most OpenStack deployments use RabbitMQ,
other message queues are supported.
OpenStack components may use Etcd, a distributed reliable key-value store
for distributed key locking, storing configuration, keeping track of
service live-ness and other scenarios.
Keystone handles AuthN/AuthZ for OpenStack components.
Deployments can assume that Keystone will be present to perform that role.

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