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Horizon's tests and you

How to run the tests

Because Horizon is composed of both the horizon app and the openstack-dashboard reference project, there are in fact two sets of unit tests. While they can be run individually without problem, there is an easier way:

Included at the root of the repository is the script which invokes both sets of tests, and optionally generates analyses on both components in the process. This script is what what Jenkins uses to verify the stability of the project, so you should make sure you run it and it passes before you submit any pull requests/patches.

To run the tests:

$ ./

It's also possible to :doc:`run a subset of unit tests<ref/run_tests>`.

Writing tests

Horizon uses Django's unit test machinery (which extends Python's unittest2 library) as the core of its test suite. As such, all tests for the Python code should be written as unit tests. No doctests please.

In general new code without unit tests will not be accepted, and every bugfix must include a regression test.

For a much more in-depth discussion of testing, see the :doc:`testing topic guide </topics/testing>`.

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