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recursive-include bin *.js
recursive-include doc *.py *.rst *.css *.js *.html *.conf *.jpg *.gif *.png *.css_t
recursive-include horizon *.html *.css *.js *.csv *.template *.tmpl *.mo *.po
recursive-include openstack_dashboard *.html *.js *.less *.mo *.po *.example *.eot *.svg *.ttf *.woff *.png *.ico *.wsgi *.gif
recursive-include tools *.py *.sh
include AUTHORS
include ChangeLog
include LICENSE
include Makefile
include openstack-common.conf
include README.rst
include tox.ini
include bin/less/lessc
include doc/Makefile
include doc/source/_templates/.placeholder
include tools/pip-requires
include tools/test-requires
exclude openstack_dashboard/local/
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