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Commits on Apr 4, 2012
  1. @devcamcar

    Remove tenant membership during user deletion

    Adam Gandelman authored devcamcar committed
    Remove users' tenant membership on user deletion.  Resolves a FK constraint
    issue that previously went unnoticed due to testing against database
    configurations that do not support FK constraints (MyISAM).
    Fixes LP bug 959294.
    Update: * Move tenant membership cleanup to the sql identity backend
            * Add a test case to test_backend_sql
    Change-Id: Ib4f5da03033f7886b36d1ab3b8b4ac37f08b2e0e
Commits on Apr 3, 2012
  1. @chmouel @ttx

    Add a _ at the end of reseller_prefix default.

    chmouel authored ttx committed
    - Fixes bug 971592.
    Change-Id: Ic9edb2b8b0043413e4ec16de9c669646ae4230a6
  2. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Add support to swift_auth for tokenless authz" into milestone-…

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  3. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "additional logging to support debugging auth issue" into miles…

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  4. @ttx

    Add support to swift_auth for tokenless authz

    Maru Newby authored ttx committed
     * Updates keystone.middleware.swift_auth to allow token-less
       (unauthenticated) access for container sync (bug 954030) and
       permitted referrers (bug 924578).
    Change-Id: Ieccf458c44dfe55f546dc15c79704800dad59ac0
  5. @heckj @ttx

    additional logging to support debugging auth issue

    heckj authored ttx committed
    fixes bug 969801
    Change-Id: Iaf752e5f3692c91030cfd8575114f2c3293d1dba
  6. @ttx

    Fixed misc errors in configuration.rst

    Maru Newby authored ttx committed
     * Addresses bug 965788
    Change-Id: I5aa276589a9818c7f523e6da9531af363139adbb
  7. @termie @ttx

    don't duplicate the extra dict in extra

    termie authored ttx committed
    fixes bug 929815
    Change-Id: Icfbe9a4b0eb2ef9b24bcf41113a6ec8e636210a9
  8. @dolph @ttx

    Raise keystone.exception for HTTP 401 (bug 962563)

    dolph authored ttx committed
    Change-Id: I22e3b6769c69ef5917028980007d3295fed99fb7
  9. @dolph @ttx

    Validate object refs (return 404 instead of 500)

    dolph authored ttx committed
    Combined fix for bug 963056:
    user-crud 404
    service-crud 404
    ec2-credential-crud 404
    user-role-crud 404
    endpoint-crud 404
    Change-Id: I7762aaaae9817ea7426039e4700e16b59e18cba1
  10. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "tenant-crud 404 (bug 963056)" into milestone-proposed

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  11. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "role-crud 404 (bug 963056)" into milestone-proposed

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  12. @dolph @ttx

    tenant-crud 404 (bug 963056)

    dolph authored ttx committed
    Change-Id: I9e67cea985f546c9ddf6ce6d82a11486099bd524
  13. @dolph @ttx

    role-crud 404 (bug 963056)

    dolph authored ttx committed
    Change-Id: I099b1e1e5bd2cd77a2ea3b72fb0f14b88a3af26e
  14. @ttx

    Improve swift_auth test coverage + Minor fixes

    Maru Newby authored ttx committed
     * Isolates authorize() tests from wsgi tests
     * Adds coverage for authorize()
     * Adds support for a blank reseller_prefix
     * Adds swift_auth test dependencies to tools/test-requires
     * Cleans up authorize()'s use of tenant_id/tenant_name
       (addresses bug 963546)
    Change-Id: I603b89ab4fe8559b0f5d72528afd659ee0f0bce1
Commits on Mar 23, 2012
  1. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Check values for EC2."

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  2. @chmouel

    S3 tokens cleanups.

    chmouel authored
    - Cleanups.
    - Remove reference about config admin_username/password/token.
    - Return proper http error on errors.
    - Add unittests (skip them for now when swift is not installed).
    - Fixes bug 956983.
    Change-Id: I392fc274f3b01a5a0b5779dd13f9cd3b819ee65a
  3. @chmouel

    Check values for EC2.

    chmouel authored
    - Add multiple check to methods to make sure we have a proper
    - Fixes bug 958135.
    Change-Id: I4dd171e3db32d6ebdc70bb1a83492c8ecd09c21c
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
  1. @dolph

    Fix critical typo in endpoint_create (bug 961412)

    dolph authored
    It looks like catalog crud was previously untested.
    Change-Id: I8e3060b6d6c737d3d97a5bd9076e9a5fdf9945e2
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
  1. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Rename tokenauth to authtoken."

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  2. @dolph

    unique role name constraint

    Yong Sheng Gong authored dolph committed
      For SQL identity backend, add unique constraint with column definition;
    for kvs and ldap backend, use python code to apply this constraint.
    Test cases test_create_duplicate_role_name_fails and test_rename_duplicate_role_name_fails are added to guard it.
    python test_backend_ldap test_backend_kvs test_backend_sql pass.
    bug 932258.
    Change-Id: I990f17a270e84d35c078f215c587a81d6784c192
  3. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Spring cleaning, fix PEP8 violations."

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  4. @chmouel

    Add test for swift middleware.

    chmouel authored
    - skip the tests if we don't have swift installed.
    Change-Id: I3647538f3e7a32cbfce97b181c532371cef963da
  5. @chmouel

    Spring cleaning, fix PEP8 violations.

    chmouel authored
    Change-Id: Ide832cd64c9b285213e23901eaf81946d504e726
  6. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Wrapped unexpected exceptions (bug 955411)"

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  7. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Support PyPAM in pam backend, update to latest API"

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  8. @chmouel

    Rename tokenauth to authtoken.

    chmouel authored
    - Avoid confusing by using the authtoken name for auth_token middleware.
    - Improve swift_auth middleware doc.
    Change-Id: I287860eba067b99a1d89f8f17200820340836ff9
  9. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "fix keystone-all's usage of options vs conf"

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  10. @termie

    pass the arguments in when starting keystone-all

    termie authored
    fixes bug 942793
    Change-Id: I044a56c1eedae2ecef04dd3aa60b91414b7abc14
  11. @termie

    fix keystone-all's usage of options vs conf

    termie authored
    we shouldn't be using options at all, that was a leftover piece of code
    from a long time ago.
    invalidates bug 949373
    Change-Id: I29fcbd5f641464bda985900172b55bca45843f81
  12. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Clean up sql connection args"

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  13. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Improved file logging example (bug 959610)"

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
  14. @dolph

    Wrapped unexpected exceptions (bug 955411)

    dolph authored
    - Replaced all webob.exc's (outside of middleware) with
    - Raised 409 Conflict when creating/updating existing
      user/tenant ID/names (bug 955464)
    - Raised 501 Not Implemented for user-role-add w/o tenant_id
      (bug 955548)
    Change-Id: I9f16cac502c20dd35a6b8da778e85bf3d9cfae49
  15. @hub-cap

    Changing belongsTo validation back to ID

    hub-cap authored
    * Fixes lp#960218
    Change-Id: I6296413c211da92a4d0e07a544ca812d3544cb73
  16. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Fixes LP #954089 - Service list templated catalog"

    Jenkins authored openstack-gerrit committed
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