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Commits on Mar 23, 2012
  1. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Check values for EC2."

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit
  2. @chmouel

    S3 tokens cleanups.

    chmouel committed
    - Cleanups.
    - Remove reference about config admin_username/password/token.
    - Return proper http error on errors.
    - Add unittests (skip them for now when swift is not installed).
    - Fixes bug 956983.
    Change-Id: I392fc274f3b01a5a0b5779dd13f9cd3b819ee65a
  3. @chmouel

    Check values for EC2.

    chmouel committed
    - Add multiple check to methods to make sure we have a proper
    - Fixes bug 958135.
    Change-Id: I4dd171e3db32d6ebdc70bb1a83492c8ecd09c21c
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
  1. @dolph

    Fix critical typo in endpoint_create (bug 961412)

    dolph committed
    It looks like catalog crud was previously untested.
    Change-Id: I8e3060b6d6c737d3d97a5bd9076e9a5fdf9945e2
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
  1. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Rename tokenauth to authtoken."

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit
  2. @dolph

    unique role name constraint

    Yong Sheng Gong committed with dolph
      For SQL identity backend, add unique constraint with column definition;
    for kvs and ldap backend, use python code to apply this constraint.
    Test cases test_create_duplicate_role_name_fails and test_rename_duplicate_role_name_fails are added to guard it.
    python test_backend_ldap test_backend_kvs test_backend_sql pass.
    bug 932258.
    Change-Id: I990f17a270e84d35c078f215c587a81d6784c192
  3. @openstack-gerrit
  4. @chmouel

    Add test for swift middleware.

    chmouel committed
    - skip the tests if we don't have swift installed.
    Change-Id: I3647538f3e7a32cbfce97b181c532371cef963da
  5. @chmouel

    Spring cleaning, fix PEP8 violations.

    chmouel committed
    Change-Id: Ide832cd64c9b285213e23901eaf81946d504e726
  6. @openstack-gerrit
  7. @openstack-gerrit
  8. @chmouel

    Rename tokenauth to authtoken.

    chmouel committed
    - Avoid confusing by using the authtoken name for auth_token middleware.
    - Improve swift_auth middleware doc.
    Change-Id: I287860eba067b99a1d89f8f17200820340836ff9
  9. @openstack-gerrit
  10. @termie

    pass the arguments in when starting keystone-all

    termie committed
    fixes bug 942793
    Change-Id: I044a56c1eedae2ecef04dd3aa60b91414b7abc14
  11. @termie

    fix keystone-all's usage of options vs conf

    termie committed
    we shouldn't be using options at all, that was a leftover piece of code
    from a long time ago.
    invalidates bug 949373
    Change-Id: I29fcbd5f641464bda985900172b55bca45843f81
  12. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Clean up sql connection args"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit
  13. @openstack-gerrit
  14. @dolph

    Wrapped unexpected exceptions (bug 955411)

    dolph committed
    - Replaced all webob.exc's (outside of middleware) with
    - Raised 409 Conflict when creating/updating existing
      user/tenant ID/names (bug 955464)
    - Raised 501 Not Implemented for user-role-add w/o tenant_id
      (bug 955548)
    Change-Id: I9f16cac502c20dd35a6b8da778e85bf3d9cfae49
  15. @hub-cap

    Changing belongsTo validation back to ID

    hub-cap committed
    * Fixes lp#960218
    Change-Id: I6296413c211da92a4d0e07a544ca812d3544cb73
  16. @openstack-gerrit
  17. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Swift middleware doc update."

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit
  18. @openstack-gerrit
  19. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Installing keystone docs"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit
  20. @bcwaldon

    Clean up sql connection args

    bcwaldon committed
    * Convert idle_timeout (pool_recycle) to integer
    * Drop min_pool_size, max_pool_size, pool_timeout
    * Fixes bug 959916
    Change-Id: Ie124b3abdf00358d6b722e1c2e2a2fb22967ca5a
  21. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Update get_metadata to return {}"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
  1. @dolph

    Improved file logging example (bug 959610)

    dolph committed
    - Root logger w/ file handler will log WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL by default
    Change-Id: I36cd07cec85712640daa013563401a3bc52f290c
  2. @openstack-gerrit
  3. @openstack-gerrit
  4. @chmouel

    Swift middleware doc update.

    chmouel committed
    Change-Id: I01ecc4d602b5e887f66d32676f11a92d022f693f
  5. @openstack-gerrit

    Merge "Remove nova-specific middlewares"

    Jenkins committed with openstack-gerrit
  6. @openstack-gerrit
  7. @jaypipes

    Fixes LP #954089 - Service list templated catalog

    jaypipes committed
    * Adds missing test cases for the TemplatedCatalog
    * Adds a base CatalogTest that different backends
      can use
    * Updates kvs.Catalog to raise ServiceNotFound where
    * Updates the tests.test_keystoneclient_sql to actually
      test the SQL catalog backend
    * Removes old test for incorrect endpoints listing
    * Removes the keystone.catalog.core.Driver.service_exists
      method since it was only implemented in the SQL driver
      and wasn't required now that get_service and delete_service
      properly raise ServiceNotFound exception.
    Change-Id: I35690cc147e56007be27bacf94eeff360e727e5d
  8. @bcwaldon

    Remove nova-specific middlewares

    bcwaldon committed
    * Nova now ships with nova.api.auth.NovaKeystoneContext
    * Nova does not depend on either of the middlewares being removed
    Change-Id: I9546e5c84ea1453f5dfd2dd7bf9924ccda57f87a
  9. @dprince

    Add check for MAX_PASSWORD_LENGTH to utils.

    dprince committed
    Updates to keystone password hashing and checking functions so
    that a max password length is enforced.
    Fixes LP Bug #959288.
    Change-Id: Id3048f3c916e92c59ac5b063d09c3d612d51c97c
Commits on Mar 16, 2012
  1. @bcwaldon

    Remove glance_auth_token middleware

    bcwaldon committed
    * Fixes bug 957501
    Change-Id: I2ae6ec7b391dd41587f2246940a8d392c12c91fe
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