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Neutron is a virtual network service for Openstack.
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Merge "Updated from global requirements"

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bin Replace 'import json' with oslo_serialization
devstack Added initial devstack plugin
doc Merge "Remove implicit registration of *-aas service providers"
etc Merge "Deprecate external_network_bridge option in L3 agent"
neutron OVS agent: handle deleted ports on each rpc_loop iteration
rally-jobs Changes in rally-jobs/README.rst
tools Remove quotes from subshell call in tools/
.coveragerc Update .coveragerc after the removal of Cisco Nexus monolithic plugin
.gitignore Remove quantum untracked files from .gitignore
.gitreview Fix .gitreview to not point at a branch
.mailmap Add mailmap entry
.pylintrc pylint: enable `duplicate-key` check
.testr.conf Workaround test stream corruption issue.
CONTRIBUTING.rst Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
HACKING.rst Python3: use six.iteritems() instead of dict.iteritems()
LICENSE Adding Apache Version 2.0 license file. This is the official license … Rename Quantum to Neutron
README.rst Update the URLs to the Cloud Admin Guide
TESTING.rst Add testing coverage .rst, missing test infrastructure to-dos
babel.cfg Use babel to generate translation file
openstack-common.conf Switch to the oslo_utils.fileutils
requirements.txt Updated from global requirements Remove check for bash usage
setup.cfg Remove implicit registration of *-aas service providers Updated from global requirements
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements
tox.ini Merge "Enable most unit tests for py34 job"



You have come across a cloud computing network fabric controller. It has identified itself as "Neutron." It aims to tame your (cloud) networking!

External Resources:

The homepage for Neutron is: Use this site for asking for help, and filing bugs. Code is available on at <>.

The latest and most in-depth documentation on how to use Neutron is available at: <>. This includes:

Neutron Administrator Guide
Networking Guide
Neutron API Reference:
Current Neutron developer documentation is available at:

For help on usage and hacking of Neutron, please send mail to <>.

For information on how to contribute to Neutron, please see the contents of the CONTRIBUTING.rst file.

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