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Latest commit e674034 Feb 22, 2017 @cubeek cubeek tempest: Skip QoS test until fixed
The test is failing intermittently. In order to reach a better stability
of the job running in-tree tempest tests, this patch skips the test
until we come up with a proper fix.

Change-Id: I37f1488db258f6a4d383fb472cb5433c65371ac5
Related-bug: 1662109
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api-ref Fix some typos Jun 28, 2016
bin XenAPI: add support for conntrack with XenServer Sep 23, 2016
devstack Use gate_hook to enable q-trunk for rally. Jan 5, 2017
doc Merge "[TrivialFix]Remove the file encoding which is unnecessary" Feb 14, 2017
etc Revert "Linux Bridge: driver support for QoS egress minimum bandwidth" Feb 9, 2017
neutron tempest: Skip QoS test until fixed Feb 22, 2017
rally-jobs rally trunk port list Dec 10, 2016
releasenotes [TrivialFix]Remove the file encoding which is unnecessary Feb 11, 2017
tools Merge " Remove neutron-legacy inclusion" Feb 3, 2017
.coveragerc Cleanup coverage configuration Oct 17, 2016
.gitignore Automatically generate neutron core configuration files Nov 27, 2015
.gitreview Remove pecan branch reference from .gitreview file Sep 16, 2015
.mailmap Add mailmap entry May 16, 2014
.pylintrc Fix typo in .pylintrc file Feb 9, 2017
.testr.conf Allow more time for DB migration tests Sep 22, 2016
CONTRIBUTING.rst Make crystal clear how to contribute/approach the neutron community Oct 28, 2016
HACKING.rst Merge "Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone in tests" Nov 22, 2016
LICENSE Adding Apache Version 2.0 license file. This is the official license … Aug 8, 2011
README.rst Show team and repo badges on README Nov 25, 2016
TESTING.rst Merge "TrivialFix: Modify the spelling mistake" Feb 3, 2017
babel.cfg Use babel to generate translation file Jan 23, 2013
bindep.txt Fix periodic jobs: Add databases to bindep.txt Oct 9, 2016
requirements.txt Updated from global requirements Feb 13, 2017 Deprecate Nov 8, 2016
setup.cfg Merge "Remove python 3.4 support" Feb 8, 2017 Updated from global requirements Sep 21, 2015
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements Feb 13, 2017
tox.ini Enable dstat for in-gate functional and fullstack test runs Feb 11, 2017