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Commits on Nov 5, 2012
  1. @dprince

    Sync latest notifier changes from openstack-common

    dprince committed
    Updates Quantum with the latest changes from openstack-commons
    notifier package:
        Rename rabbit_notifier to rpc_notifier.
        The previous rabbit_notifier module is generic and can be used
        for all RPC notifications.
        This commit moves the rabbit_notifier module to rpc_notifier and
        adds a new deprecated rabbit_notifier module which can be used for
        Grizzly so that users can have a chance to easily upgrade this
        config setting.
    Also updates the agent code and config file to reflect this change
    (and get unit tests to pass)
    Fixes LP Bug #1075330.
    Change-Id: If9a4f5fa27638b25a29b66dbfed757554358ff7c
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