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Latest commit bede37f @VikramChoudhary VikramChoudhary BGP Dynamic Routing: introduce BgpDrScheduler model
This patch implements a new extension called "bgp_dragentscheduler" which
does instant & auto scheuling of BgpSpeakers to an active BgpDrAgent. In
addition to this the patch also implements the basic CRUD requirement for
binding BgpSpeakers and BgpDrAgent.

BgpSpeaker to BgpDrAgent association can be 1-to-n. An admin user can only
associate/disassociate BgpSpeaker to/from a BgpDRAgent. Default scheduler
class will only assign non-scheduled BgpSpeaker to an active BgpDrAgent.

Partially-Implements: blueprint bgp-dynamic-routing
Co-Authored-By: Ryan Tidwell <>
Co-Authored-By: Jaume Devesa <>
Co-Authored-By: vikram.choudhary <>
Co-Authored-By: Numan Siddique <>
Change-Id: Id305d9a583116e155441ac5979bf3f6aa6a8258b


To generate the sample neutron configuration files, run the following
command from the top level of the neutron directory:

tox -e genconfig

If a 'tox' environment is unavailable, then you can run the following script
instead to generate the configuration files:

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