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Add missing documentation for shared folder issue with unit tests and…

… Python

lock file.

Addresses documentation need raised in bug 897155

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Duncan McGreggor
Duncan McGreggor committed Dec 2, 2011
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@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ Derek Higgins <>
Devendra Modium <>
Devin Carlen <>
Donal Lafferty <>
+Duncan McGreggor <>
Ed Leafe <>
Edouard Thuleau <>
Eldar Nugaev <>
@@ -131,6 +131,20 @@ Reusing an existing database may cause tests to fail if the schema has
changed. If any files in the ``nova/db/sqlalchemy`` have changed, it's a good
idea to recreate the test database.
+**Running Tests from Shared Folders**
+If you are running the unit tests from a shared folder, you may see tests start
+to fail or stop completely as a result of Python lockfile issues [#f4]_. You
+can get around this by manually setting or updating the following line in
+ FLAGS['lock_path'].SetDefault('/tmp')
+Note that you may use any location (not just ``/tmp``!) as long as it is not
+a shared folder.
.. rubric:: Footnotes
@@ -141,3 +155,5 @@ idea to recreate the test database.
.. [#f3] There is an effort underway to use a fake DB implementation for the
unit tests. See
+.. [#f4] See Vish's comment in this bug report:

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