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libvirt : remove broken olso_config choices option
Changeset ed9f1b8 restricted the allowed options for iscsi_iface
to the allowed transports mentioned in the help text. iface &
transport are distinct entities for open-iscsi, and an iface is
generally a mix of transport plus an underlying interface, hence
this change was incorrect. This breaks transport support and is
generally incorrect, hence reverting

Change-Id: I687fb9c95133dbbb193004df44794404b58ca692
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anish committed Jul 15, 2015
1 parent 275c9ac commit 66b9c2c
Showing 1 changed file with 8 additions and 5 deletions.
13 changes: 8 additions & 5 deletions nova/virt/libvirt/
Expand Up @@ -106,12 +106,15 @@
help='Path to a Quobyte Client configuration file.'),
choices=('be2iscsi', 'bnx2i', 'cxgb3i', 'cxgb4i', 'qla4xxx',
help='The iSCSI transport iface to use to connect to target in '
'case offload support is desired. Default format is '
'transport_name.hwaddress and can be generated manually '
'or via iscsiadm -m iface'),
'case offload support is desired. Default format is of '
'the form <transport_name>.<hwaddress> where '
'<transport_name> is one of (be2iscsi, bnx2i, cxgb3i, '
'cxgb4i, qla4xxx, ocs) and <hwadress> is the MAC address '
'of the interface and can be generated via the '
'iscsiadm -m iface command. Do not confuse the '
'iscsi_iface parameter to be provided here with the '
'actual transport name.'),
# iser is also supported, but use LibvirtISERVolumeDriver
# instead
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