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Don't warn about C0111 (No docstrings)

While docstrings are great, requiring them is probably going too far.  Let's get pylint useful first by having it not complain too much, then we can have a second stricter PyLint if desired.
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1 parent a151fab commit 7b7033bfb31c610b1f0295e6059ed44931dfe450 @justinsb justinsb committed Mar 16, 2011
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# The format of this file isn't really documented; just use --generate-rcfile
[Messages Control]
+# NOTE(justinsb): We might want to have a 2nd strict pylintrc in future
+# C0111: Don't require docstrings on every method
# W0511: TODOs in code comments are fine.
# W0142: *args and **kwargs are fine.
# W0622: Redefining id is fine.
# Variable names can be 1 to 31 characters long, with lowercase and underscores

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