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Log more information when sending notifications

For debugging purposes, it's useful to see what event type is being sent
and not just where it's being sent

Change-Id: I809a15a76204c79d37ed68b649cd2aea80ad3db2
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jerdfelt committed Apr 12, 2012
1 parent 6d75097 commit dbff603c4a5cfc66bb7e0075b0ee3361c0211d1b
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@@ -373,7 +373,8 @@ def fanout_cast_to_server(context, server_params, topic, msg,
def notify(context, topic, msg, connection_pool):
"""Sends a notification event on a topic."""
- LOG.debug(_('Sending notification on %s...'), topic)
+ event_type = msg.get('event_type')
+ LOG.debug(_('Sending %(event_type)s on %(topic)s'), locals())
pack_context(msg, context)
with ConnectionContext(connection_pool) as conn:
conn.notify_send(topic, msg)

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