Commits on Feb 20, 2012
  1. Support tox-based unittests.

    emonty committed Jan 8, 2012
    Change-Id: I6a0a616a979688595762e6b772d77a14f1968070
Commits on Feb 9, 2012
  1. Move translations to babel locations.

    emonty committed Feb 8, 2012
    If we structure things like this, we can get things
    actually, you know, installed.
    Locales ast and oc aren't supported by babel. We'll re-import them
    from Launchpad once we get babel updated.
    If you want translations installed, run:
      python compile_catalog
    Before you run either sdist or install
    More work is needed to actually properly use the installed translations, but
    we're closer.
    Change-Id: I4a4bedd982c89063aa09688c9cbcf97054bcb34b
  2. Get rid of distutils.extra.

    emonty committed Feb 7, 2012
    We moved to DistUtilsExtra because it promised a more automatic workflow
    from It doesn't actually deliver though, and it also vomits
    warnings during usage, and also breaks pip integration.
    So this is going back to babel. Mostly folks shouldn't need to know
    anything about this. We'll need to update the translations import
    jobs in Jenkins, and we might need to add a corresponding translations
    upload job that runs post-merge.
    Translations installation doesn't fully work - but it actually wasn't fully
    working before. Getting this part of the project done now though is a
    pre-requisite for using tox for multi-python testing (tox starts by
    creating an sdist tarball and then installing it into the venv, which
    is just 100% broken with DistUtilsExtra)
    Change-Id: I126e1bcfab0656eab6ca10de67d3d2aaa8b844f3