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Add documentation for iscsi iface support
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Closes-Bug: #1417631
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anish committed Apr 2, 2015
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<section xmlns=""
<title>iSCSI interface and offload support in Compute</title>
<para>iSCSI interface and offload support is only present since Kilo.
<para>Compute supports <package>open-iscsi</package> iSCSI interfaces for
offload cards.
Offload hardware must be present and configured on every compute
node where offload is desired. Once an <package>open-iscsi</package>
interface is configured, the iface name (<literal>iface.iscsi_ifacename</literal>)
should be passed to libvirt via the <literal>iscsi_iface</literal>
parameter for use. All iscsi sessions will be bound to this iSCSI
<para>Currently supported transports (iface.transport_name) are
<simplelist type='inline'>
</simplelist>. No configuration changes are needed outside of Compute node.
<para>iSER is currently supported via the separate iSER
LibvirtISERVolumeDriver and will be rejected if used via the
<literal>iscsi_iface</literal> parameter.
<section xml:id="iscsi-iface-config">
<title>iSCSI iface configuration</title>
<para>Note the distinction between the transport name
and iface name (<literal>iface.iscsi_ifacename</literal>).
The actual iface name must be specified via the
<literal>iscsi_iface</literal> parameter to libvirt for
offload to work.
<para>The default name for an iscsi iface (open-iscsi parameter
<literal>iface.iscsi_ifacename</literal>) is in the format
transport_name.hwaddress when generated by
<para><application>iscsiadm</application> can be used to view
and generate current iface configuration. Every network
interface that supports an open-iscsi transport can have one
or more iscsi ifaces associated with it. If no ifaces have
been configured for a network interface supported by an
open-iscsi transport, this command will create a default
iface configuration for that network interface. For example :
<screen><prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>iscsiadm -m iface</userinput>
<computeroutput>default tcp,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>
iser iser,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>
bnx2i.00:05:b5:d2:a0:c2 bnx2i,00:05:b5:d2:a0:c2,,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>
cxgb4i.00:07:43:28:b2:58 cxgb4i,00:07:43:28:b2:58,,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty>
qla4xxx.00:c0:dd:08:63:ea qla4xxx,00:c0:dd:08:63:ea,,&lt;empty>,&lt;empty></computeroutput>
<para>The output is in the format :
<emphasis role="italic">iface_name transport_name,hwaddress,ipaddress,net_ifacename,initiatorname.</emphasis>
<para>Individual iface configuration can be viewed via
<screen><prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>iscsiadm -m iface -I <replaceable>IFACE_NAME</replaceable></userinput>
<computeroutput># BEGIN RECORD 2.0-873
iface.iscsi_ifacename = cxgb4i.00:07:43:28:b2:58
iface.net_ifacename = &lt;empty>
iface.ipaddress =
iface.hwaddress = 00:07:43:28:b2:58
iface.transport_name = cxgb4i
iface.initiatorname = &lt;empty>
# END RECORD</computeroutput>
<para>Configuration can be updated as desired via
<screen><prompt>#</prompt> <userinput>iscsiadm -m iface-I <replaceable>IFACE_NAME</replaceable>--op=update -n iface.<replaceable>SETTING</replaceable> -v <replaceable>VALUE</replaceable></userinput>
<para>All iface configurations need a minimum of
<literal>iface.transport_name</literal> and
<literal>iface.hwaddress</literal> to be correctly configured
to work.
Some transports may require <literal>iface.ipaddress</literal>
and <literal>iface.net_ifacename</literal> as well to bind
<para>Detailed configuration instructions can be found here

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