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Zmq correct envelope param for notify()

The notify parameter was expected as
a kwarg, although expects this
to be a standard argument.

Tests are not yet covering this, but
are forthcoming.

Change-Id: Id6a0a81ef250e43c7ab3dc9d5392f89752d0f313
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1 parent c4400ec commit 82f3691de3dbf9c18f8fa151db9d21837410a128 Eric Windisch committed Feb 28, 2013
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  1. +2 −3 openstack/common/rpc/
@@ -785,7 +785,7 @@ def fanout_cast(conf, context, topic, msg, **kwargs):
_multi_send(_cast, context, 'fanout~' + str(topic), msg, **kwargs)
-def notify(conf, context, topic, msg, **kwargs):
+def notify(conf, context, topic, msg, envelope):
Send notification event.
Notifications are sent to topic-priority.
@@ -794,8 +794,7 @@ def notify(conf, context, topic, msg, **kwargs):
# NOTE(ewindisch): dot-priority in rpc notifier does not
# work with our assumptions.
topic = topic.replace('.', '-')
- kwargs['envelope'] = kwargs.get('envelope', True)
- cast(conf, context, topic, msg, **kwargs)
+ cast(conf, context, topic, msg, envelope=envelope)
def cleanup():

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