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site.pp overrides sql_connection for glance-api.conf also

Previously, the sql_connection config was overridden for the
glance-registry.conf only, whereas in the glance-api.conf this
is left to default to a non-existent sqlite DB.

This causes an issue with the v2 API is used - in this case,
the glance-api service accesses the DB directly instead of
delegating to the registry service. Since the sqlite DB is
non-existent, such v2 API calls fail with 500 ServerError.

This is especially problematic with cinder, as it tries the
glance v2 API by default when creating a bootable volume from
an image, see:
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1 parent 6f16dc9 commit b08af59f34c49daf20ee6a668a6eb5ef22851da7 Eoghan Glynn committed Dec 18, 2012
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@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
keystone_tenant => 'services',
keystone_user => 'glance',
keystone_password => 'glance_password',
+ sql_connection => 'mysql://glance:glance@',
class { 'glance::backend::file': }

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