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Nova Client Style Commandments

Nova Client Specific Commandments

None so far

Text encoding

  • All text within python code should be of type 'unicode'.


    >>> s = 'foo'
    >>> s
    >>> type(s)
    <type 'str'>


    >>> u = u'foo'
    >>> u
    >>> type(u)
    <type 'unicode'>
  • Transitions between internal unicode and external strings should always be immediately and explicitly encoded or decoded.

  • All external text that is not explicitly encoded (database storage, commandline arguments, etc.) should be presumed to be encoded as utf-8.


    mystring = infile.readline() myreturnstring = do_some_magic_with(mystring) outfile.write(myreturnstring)


    mystring = infile.readline() mytext = s.decode('utf-8') returntext = do_some_magic_with(mytext) returnstring = returntext.encode('utf-8') outfile.write(returnstring)

Running Tests

The testing system is based on a combination of tox and testr. If you just want to run the whole suite, run tox and all will be fine. However, if you'd like to dig in a bit more, you might want to learn some things about testr itself. A basic walkthrough for OpenStack can be found at

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