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Jenkins authored and openstack-gerrit committed Mar 28, 2012
2 parents 10d226f + dcd9065 commit 45fb6b6de89eaec642ecbf755af45fd55f8224d4
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@@ -860,7 +860,8 @@ def do_volume_list(cs, args):
# Create a list of servers to which the volume is attached
for vol in volumes:
- servers = [server.get('serverId') for server in vol.attachments]
+ servers = [s.get('server_id') or s.get('serverId')
+ for s in vol.attachments]
setattr(vol, 'attached_to', ','.join(map(str, servers)))
utils.print_list(volumes, ['ID', 'Status', 'Display Name',
'Size', 'Volume Type', 'Attached to'])

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