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functional tests fail if cirros image not exist

The functional tests are looking for a cirros-*uec image and
if that isn't found they fail:

In the function novaclient/tests/functional/,
images variable is a generator object which doesn't have
'__getitem__' attribute and so the functional test is failing.

Change-Id: I32b05ff6f2c7501eff04fa9f180eecf3099389ab
Closes-Bug: 1615594
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1 parent e71b536 commit 3b834f25c1d31ef482116344f97b0a1059d9a836 @ukeshkumar ukeshkumar committed Aug 22, 2016
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  1. +4 −2 novaclient/tests/functional/
6 novaclient/tests/functional/
@@ -60,16 +60,18 @@ def pick_flavor(flavors):
def pick_image(images):
+ firstImage = None
for image in images:
+ firstImage = firstImage or image
if'cirros') and ('-uec') or'-disk.img')):
return image
# We didn't find the specific cirros image we'd like to use, so just use
# the first available.
- if images:
- return images[0]
+ if firstImage:
+ return firstImage
raise NoImageException()

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