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# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import random
from rally.common import utils
from rally.common import validation
from rally import exceptions
from rally.task import atomic
from rally.task import scenario
"""Dummy scenarios for testing Rally engine at scale."""
class DummyScenarioException(exceptions.RallyException):
error_code = 244
msg_fmt = "Dummy scenario expected exception: '%(message)s'"
class DummyFailure(scenario.Scenario):
def run(self, sleep=0.1, from_iteration=0, to_iteration=0, each=1):
"""Raise errors in some iterations.
:param sleep: float iteration sleep time in seconds
:param from_iteration: int iteration number which starts range
of failed iterations
:param to_iteration: int iteration number which ends range of
failed iterations
:param each: int cyclic number of iteration which actually raises
an error in selected range. For example, each=3 will
raise error in each 3rd iteration.
if from_iteration <= self.context["iteration"] <= to_iteration:
if each and not self.context["iteration"] % each:
raise DummyScenarioException("Expected failure")
class Dummy(scenario.Scenario):
def bar(self, sleep):
def foo(self, sleep):
def run(self, sleep=0):
"""Do nothing and sleep for the given number of seconds (0 by default).
Dummy.dummy can be used for testing performance of different
ScenarioRunners and of the ability of rally to store a large
amount of results.
:param sleep: idle time of method (in seconds).
@validation.add("number", param_name="size_of_message", minval=1,
integer_only=True, nullable=True)
class DummyException(scenario.Scenario):
def run(self, size_of_message=1, sleep=1, message=""):
"""Throws an exception.
Dummy.dummy_exception used for testing if exceptions are processed
properly by task engine and analyze rally results storing & displaying
:param size_of_message: int size of the exception message
:param sleep: idle time of method (in seconds).
:param message: message of the exception
:raises DummyScenarioException: raise exception for test
message = message or "M" * size_of_message
raise DummyScenarioException(message)
@validation.add("number", param_name="exception_probability",
minval=0, maxval=1, integer_only=False, nullable=True)
class DummyExceptionProbability(scenario.Scenario):
def run(self, exception_probability=0.5):
"""Throws an exception with given probability.
Dummy.dummy_exception_probability used for testing if exceptions are
processed properly by task engine and analyze rally results storing
& displaying capabilities.
:param exception_probability: Sets how likely it is that an exception
will be thrown. Float between 0 and 1
0=never 1=always.
if random.random() < exception_probability:
raise DummyScenarioException(
"Dummy Scenario Exception: Probability: %s"
% exception_probability)
class DummyOutput(scenario.Scenario):
def run(self, random_range=25):
"""Generate dummy output.
This scenario generates example of output data.
:param random_range: max int limit for generated random values
rand = lambda n: [n, random.randint(1, random_range)]
desc = "This is a description text for %s"
self.add_output(additive={"title": "Additive StatsTable",
"description": desc % "Additive StatsTable",
"chart_plugin": "StatsTable",
"data": [rand("foo stat"), rand("bar stat"),
rand("spam stat")]})
self.add_output(additive={"title": ("Additive StackedArea "
"(no description)"),
"chart_plugin": "StackedArea",
"data": [rand("foo %d" % i)
for i in range(1, 7)],
"label": "Measure this in Foo units"})
self.add_output(additive={"title": "Additive Lines",
"description": (
desc % "Additive Lines"),
"chart_plugin": "Lines",
"data": [rand("bar %d" % i)
for i in range(1, 4)],
"label": "Measure this in Bar units"})
self.add_output(additive={"title": "Additive Pie",
"description": desc % "Additive Pie",
"chart_plugin": "Pie",
"data": [rand("spam %d" % i)
for i in range(1, 4)]},
complete={"title": "Complete Lines",
"description": desc % "Complete Lines",
"chart_plugin": "Lines",
"data": [
[name, [rand(i) for i in range(1, 8)]]
for name in ("Foo", "Bar", "Spam")],
"label": "Measure this is some units",
"axis_label": ("This is a custom "
"X-axis label")})
self.add_output(complete={"title": "Complete StackedArea",
"description": desc % "Complete StackedArea",
"chart_plugin": "StackedArea",
"data": [
[name, [rand(i) for i in range(50)]]
for name in ("alpha", "beta", "gamma")],
"label": "Yet another measurement units",
"axis_label": ("This is a custom "
"X-axis label")})
complete={"title": "Arbitrary Text",
"chart_plugin": "TextArea",
"data": ["Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur "
"adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor "
"incididunt ut labore et dolore magna "
"aliqua." * 2] * 4})
complete={"title": "Complete Pie (no description)",
"chart_plugin": "Pie",
"data": [rand("delta"), rand("epsilon"), rand("zeta"),
rand("theta"), rand("lambda"), rand("omega")]})
data = {"cols": ["mu column", "xi column", "pi column",
"tau column", "chi column"],
"rows": [([name + " row"] + [rand(i)[1] for i in range(4)])
for name in ("iota", "nu", "rho", "phi", "psi")]}
self.add_output(complete={"title": "Complete Table",
"description": desc % "Complete Table",
"chart_plugin": "Table",
"data": data})
class DummyRandomFailInAtomic(scenario.Scenario):
"""Randomly throw exceptions in atomic actions."""
def _play_roulette(self, exception_probability):
"""Throw an exception with given probability.
:raises KeyError: when exception_probability is bigger
if random.random() < exception_probability:
raise KeyError("Dummy test exception")
def run(self, exception_probability=0.5):
"""Dummy.dummy_random_fail_in_atomic in dummy actions.
Can be used to test atomic actions
failures processing.
:param exception_probability: Probability with which atomic actions
fail in this dummy scenario (0 <= p <= 1)
# divide probability on the number of possible places to fail
if exception_probability != 1:
exception_probability = exception_probability / 4.0
with atomic.ActionTimer(self, "dummy_fail_test"):
with atomic.ActionTimer(self, "dummy_fail_inner_test"):
with atomic.ActionTimer(self, "dummy_fail_test"):
with atomic.ActionTimer(self, "dummy_fail_inner_test"):
class DummyRandomAction(scenario.Scenario):
def run(self, actions_num=5, sleep_min=0, sleep_max=0):
"""Sleep random time in dummy actions.
:param actions_num: int number of actions to generate
:param sleep_min: minimal time to sleep, numeric seconds
:param sleep_max: maximum time to sleep, numeric seconds
for idx in range(actions_num):
duration = random.uniform(sleep_min, sleep_max)
with atomic.ActionTimer(self, "action_%d" % idx):
class DummyTimedAtomicAction(scenario.Scenario):
def run(self, number_of_actions=5, sleep_factor=1):
"""Run some sleepy atomic actions for SLA atomic action tests.
:param number_of_actions: int number of atomic actions to create
:param sleep_factor: int multiplier for number of seconds to sleep
for sleeptime in range(number_of_actions):
with atomic.ActionTimer(self, "action_%d" % sleeptime):
utils.interruptable_sleep(sleeptime * sleep_factor)
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