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RefStack team and repository tags

What is RefStack?

  • Toolset for testing interoperability between OpenStack clouds.
  • Database backed website supporting collection and publication of Community Test results for OpenStack.
  • User interface to display individual test run results.


RefStack intends on being THE source of tools for interoperability testing of OpenStack clouds.

RefStack provides users in the OpenStack community with a Tempest wrapper, refstack-client, that helps to verify interoperability of their cloud with other OpenStack clouds. It does so by validating any cloud implementation against the OpenStack Tempest API tests.

RefStack and Interop Working Group - The prototypical use case for RefStack provides the Interop Working Group - formerly known as DefCore committee - the tools for vendors and other users to run API tests against their clouds to provide the WG with a reliable overview of what APIs and capabilities are being used in the marketplace. This will help to guide the Interop Working Group defined capabilities and help ensure interoperability across the entire OpenStack ecosystem. It can also be used to validate clouds against existing capability lists, giving you assurance that your cloud faithfully implements OpenStack standards.

Value add for vendors - Vendors can use RefStack to demonstrate that their distros, and/or their customers' installed clouds remain with OpenStack after their software has been incorporated into the distro or cloud.

RefStack consists of two parts:

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