Integration tests for StackLight plugins
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StackLight tests

This project contains the functional tests for the StackLight plugins.

It is based on two other projects:

Getting started

  1. Provision the SQL database for fuel-qa (see the official documentation for the detailed procedure).

  2. Prepare the environment:

     cp openrc.default openrc
     # Edit the openrc file as needed
     . openrc
     # You can also pass a MOS version (default is 9.0 it not specified)
     . openrc 7.0
  3. Activate the Python virtual environment:

     . $VENV_PATH/bin/activate
  4. If you want to run UI test in headless mode, install these packages:

     sudo apt-get install xvfb firefox -y
  5. Run the tests:

     ./utils/jenkins/ -k -K -j fuelweb_test -t test -w $(pwd) -o --group=<your_test_group_to_run>


The test cases include comments that can be turned into human-readable documentation:

    tox -edocs

The generated documentation is available at doc/_build/html/index.html.


If you would like to contribute to the development of this plugin, you must follow the OpenStack development workflow instructions.

Patch reviews take place on the OpenStack Gerrit system.


  • Run tox before submitting a review. You can change MOS version depending on what argument you specified earlier (default is mos9)
  • Declare test groups using the @test decorator (see the Proboscis documentation for details)

For example

def install_influxdb_grafana():


The OpenStack Development Mailing List is the preferred way to communicate with the members of the project. Emails should be sent to with the subject prefixed by [fuel][plugins][lma].