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Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications
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4383 Cap Bandit below 1.6.0 and update Sphinx requirement
Bandit 1.6.0 accidentally changed how the exclusion list option is
handled and breaks our use of it. Cap to the previous version until
Bandit has fixed the problem.

Sphinx 2.0 no longer works on python 2.7, so we need to start
marking it there as well.

Change-Id: Ieaf9c77d62551352833a644ab22dff261c08bb78
Latest commit 74cc8cf May 16, 2019


stevedore -- Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications

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Python makes loading code dynamically easy, allowing you to configure and extend your application by discovering and loading extensions ("plugins") at runtime. Many applications implement their own library for doing this, using __import__ or importlib. stevedore avoids creating yet another extension mechanism by building on top of setuptools entry points. The code for managing entry points tends to be repetitive, though, so stevedore provides manager classes for implementing common patterns for using dynamically loaded extensions.

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