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Latest commit 1b8b080 @zackmdavis zackmdavis remove remaining simplejson uses, prefer standard library import
a1c3270, 736cf54, and 38787d0 remove uses of `simplejson` from
various parts of Swift in favor of the standard libary `json`
module (introduced in Python 2.6). This commit performs the remaining
`simplejson` to `json` replacements, removes two comments highlighting
quirks of simplejson with respect to Unicode, and removes the references
to it in setup documentation and requirements.txt.

There were a lot of places where we were importing json from
swift.common.utils, which is less intuitive than a direct `import json`,
so that replacement is made as well.

(And in two more tiny drive-bys, we add some pretty-indenting to an XML
fragment and use `super` rather than naming a base class explicitly.)

Change-Id: I769e88dda7f76ce15cf7ce930dc1874d24f9498a
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