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A library to assist in creating functional or integrated test suites for OpenStack projects.
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OpenStack Functional Testing Library

tempest-lib is a library of common functionality that was originally in tempest (or similar in scope to tempest)

As of the 1.0.0 release tempest-lib as a separate repository and project is deprecated. The library now exists as part of the tempest project, all future development will occur there. To use the library for future releases update your imports from tempest_lib to tempest.lib, and add tempest>=10 to your project requirements


Some of the current functionality exposed from the library includes:

  • OpenStack python-* client CLI testing framework

  • subunit-trace: A output filter for subunit streams. Useful in conjunction

    with calling a test runner that emits subunit

  • A unified REST Client

  • Utility functions: * skip_because: Skip a test because of a bug * find_test_caller: Perform stack introspection to find the test caller.

    common methods

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