Commits on Jan 19, 2018
Commits on Jan 18, 2018
  1. Merge "Remove redundant tempest-full"

    Zuul committed with openstack-gerrit Jan 18, 2018
Commits on Jan 17, 2018
  1. Merge "Use wraps decorator"

    Zuul committed with openstack-gerrit Jan 17, 2018
  2. Updated from global requirements

    OpenStack Proposal Bot committed Jan 17, 2018
    Change-Id: I0b6d108af7379683b8a15fdfb9e5f03621828c0a
Commits on Jan 16, 2018
  1. Merge "Rename tox_venvlist"

    Zuul committed with openstack-gerrit Jan 16, 2018
  2. Add status='ACTIVE' when using changes-since as filter

    zhufl committed Jan 16, 2018
    updated_at field may haven't been set at the point in the boot
    process where build_request still exists, so filter by
    {'changes-since': '2051-01-01T12:34:00Z'} may get server that is
    "at the point in the boot process where build_request still exists",
    and so the testcase may accidentally fail if there are other
    testcases running at same time with pre-provisoned credentials.
    This is to add status='ACTIVE' along with changes-since as filter.
    Change-Id: Ieb0fd67ac9d691b53c1275166bdb0395d1570662
  3. Add flavor check after resize server

    lianghao-cmss committed Jan 12, 2018
    Change-Id: Ie2d57029ad01cbe9e2b015857d6b95f77a97be19
Commits on Jan 15, 2018
  1. Follow the new PTI for document build

    junboli committed Jan 15, 2018
    For compliance with the Project Testing Interface as
    described in [1]:
    For more detials information, please refer to [2]:
    Change-Id: I648a78396a2e27f1d7197e89cddba73f8aa858aa
Commits on Jan 13, 2018
Commits on Jan 12, 2018
  1. Rename tox_venvlist

    ajaeger committed Jan 12, 2018
    For consistency with the tox jobs, use tox_envlist instead of
    tox_venvlist. See for
    definition of tox job.
    All projects using tox_venvlist have been changed to use tox_envlist as
    well (see dependencies). Now we can rename tox_venvlist to tox_envlist -
    and then the projects can remove tox_venvlist and use only tox_envlist.
    Change-Id: I67a20b1faa77ff0166ad96fd95432c11948abc74
    Depends-On: I035584aaeaa71b62c1d0c7e0a62dbf053a3488b6
    Depends-On: I2fb02ead3b45c2a05d28f59fd28d062a3b40e07e
    Depends-On: Id03d4c1351d5a002dc9d73247d0315bef274f627
    Depends-On: Iff3093e61c7d2cb684667d5bc5f2a75580569aab
  2. Remove 'deactivate_image' config options

    ghanshyammann committed Dec 10, 2017
    'deactivate_image' config option was added long
    back in kilo cycle and has been deprecated for
    - I584cd40a9b5f297537333336b1b9a46ccf1ddc67
    This commit removes it from tempest.
    Change-Id: I843d4c64f24407d9d217005d5ea59d50d7ad62e7
Commits on Jan 11, 2018
  1. Handle creating an image from a server with microversion > 2.35

    mriedem committed with ssnoyes Jan 8, 2018
    The compute 2.35 API deprecates the compute image proxy APIs
    for showing/listing/deleting images.
    The compute 2.45 API removes the 'location' header from the createImage
    server action response and in that same version, adds a response body
    with a single "image_id" key.
    This change updates the BaseV2ComputeTest.create_image_from_server
    helper method to be aware of the microversion that the test running
    this code is using, and adjust the client to use appropriately.
    As a result, the compute images client needs to be aware of the
    changed createImage response schema so that is added for compute
    API version 2.45.
    Change-Id: I5551af0064f9cca594ae533379d0b0ae14444f88
  2. Decouple AttachVolumeShelveTestJSON from AttachVolumeTestJSON

    mriedem committed with ssnoyes Jan 2, 2018
    Since AttachVolumeShelveTestJSON was extending AttachVolumeTestJSON
    to re-use common methods and setup, it was also running the tests
    from the base class which have nothing to do with shelve/unshelve
    scenarios, and adding around 3 minutes to each Tempest run.
    This decouples the classes that run the actual tests by moving
    the common code and setup into a common base class which does not
    have any tests.
    The max_microversion restriction is removed from AttachVolumeTestJSON
    because there is nothing microversion-specific about the tests in
    that class and it was added with AttachVolumeShelveTestJSON when it
    extended AttachVolumeTestJSON.
    Change-Id: I8cb9cbb162361cbf4adbea11b8ffaa7f7c45485f
  3. Do not select inactive l3 agent in L3AgentSchedulerTestJSON

    zhufl committed with jharbott Dec 28, 2017
    There may be some inactive l3 agents in the system, because the
    system won't delete l3 agent records that ever registered,
    even if they are no longer valid.
    So this is to choose only active l3 agent in resource_setup,
    otherwize the testcase will fail unexpectedly because we happened
    to choose an inactive l3 agent.
    Change-Id: Ie14cafc883c92e791ce866d548e166702bed3d0b
  4. Default to using neutron networks_client in get_tenant_network

    zhufl committed Jan 4, 2018
    Proxy apis to neutron like '/os-networks' are deprecated in
    microverion 2.36, and calling to them will get 404 error.
    So this is to use neutron networks_client as default in get_tenant_network.
    Change-Id: I0496d2d0c3c9fe29d61124275c7f5cca78729bf2
  5. CLI tests: Identity v3 (project name, api version)

    ltoscano-rh committed Jan 11, 2018
    Switch to --os-project-name instead of --os-tenant-name, and pass
    also --os-identity-api-version.
    All the clients which are wrapped by some method of the CLIClient class
    and which use cmd_with_auth support the newly introduced flags at least
    since Liberty.
    Only exception: the keystone client, which was removed in Newton, so
    it is not supported anyway (and it has not been fixed).
    Closes-Bug: #1721553
    Change-Id: I6d34e76b4089be024093a75f9e467d273d80f1c2
Commits on Jan 10, 2018
  1. Do not override stage-dir in tempest post

    afrittoli committed Jan 10, 2018
    Stage dir used to be /opt/stack but now devstack changed to
    use ansible user dir as a stage dir (which is the default
    value) so the override is not needed anymore.
    Change-Id: Id531271da326413c5a88947d9a8b3ac4da68c47d
  2. Relocate branch conditional for tempest-full job

    armando-migliaccio committed with ajaeger Jan 4, 2018
    This condition was added to openstack-zuul-jobs in [1], but it created
    bug #1739829 as a side effect. While addressing the issue [2] it was
    noticed  that conditional could be located in the tempest repo itself,
    so this patch aims at cleaning things up a bit and reduce the moving
    [1] I799ea86f3c445bb067950a8cbc237999d621e3a9
    [2] I5d34e5b983b720dc1913d00ccc1a16d81a040d49
    Needed-by: Ibfbc925af6eb274ced53312301b1733136ba4455
    Partial-bug: #1739829
    Change-Id: I8e0aa11cd2d92d5d6f5e9147a407374948920e7f
Commits on Jan 9, 2018
  1. Add same extra specs as self.flavor_ref for created new flavor

    zhufl committed Dec 28, 2017
    In some environments, some extra specs must be set for the flavors
    that will be used to create server, e.g., flavor extra specs
    {"hw:mem_page_size": "large"} needs to be set if all compute nodes use
    huge page and the system demmands explicit huge page filtering, in
    this case if no {"hw:mem_page_size": "large"} extra specs is set for
    the flavor, when creating server we will get
    "BuildErrorException: Server 921aa25c-d182-4b53-88d1-90e003b17212 failed
                         to build and is in ERROR status
     Details: {'message': 'No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts
              available.', 'code': 500, 'created': '2017-12-14T05:33:52Z'}"
    Another usecase is if there are many compute nodes, e.g., more than 20
    compute nodes, we may want to limit the tempest execution on part of them
    (maybe not all nodes are suitable for the test), so we can add
    {"aggregate_instance_extra_specs:availability_zone": "tempest-zone"}
    for the predefined flavor for it to choose only specified compute nodes.
    Usually we will set the correct extra specs for the flavors that will
    be filled as CONF.compute.flavor_ref and CONF.compute.flavor_ref_alt,
    so it's ok to use these flavors to create servers, but if we need to
    create a new flavor in testcases to create server, and if no extra specs
    is set for it, creating server may fail.
    So this is to add same extra specs as self.flavor_ref for the created
    flavor that will be used to create server, and we don't need to do this
    for those created flavors that won't be used to create servers.
    Change-Id: I7dea2ef41bd686b544ead7f1ba0587720c3a3c44
    Closes-bug: #1742132
Commits on Jan 8, 2018
  1. Add NOTE related to 'on-demand' migration

    oomichi committed with Ken'ichi Ohmichi Jan 4, 2018
    This comes from the review I3e4853146bb6e2a62205ffe690da081229215f54
    Change-Id: I455286e31bf95484b1b2b300f9038ef0628899f9
Commits on Jan 7, 2018
Commits on Jan 4, 2018
  1. Wait for server to be active in test_device_tagging

    zhufl committed Jan 4, 2018
    In test_device_tagging, we should wait for server to be
    active before getting ssh_client. This testcase doesn't
    fail in ci because it uses validation.connect_method = floating,
    which will wait for server to be active if validatable=True
    is passed in.
    Besides, before get_server_ip we should call show_server,
    otherwise 'addresses' is not present in the result of create_server
    and so we will get:
    File "/tempest/api/compute/", line 387, in get_server_ip
        addresses = server['addresses'][CONF.validation.network_for_ssh]
        KeyError: 'addresses'
    Change-Id: I70410c47394310795064cd9fde0b9b47ddd00982
  2. Only run tempest-full on the master branch

    James E. Blair committed Jan 4, 2018
    Further work needs to be done to backport devstack changes to
    stable branches.
    Change-Id: Ia1ffaa951e2e58a45aaff3bf75526185a6923a4f