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# *******************************************************************
# This file was created automatically by the sample environment
# generator. Developers should use `tox -e genconfig` to update it.
# Users are recommended to make changes to a copy of the file instead
# of the original, if any customizations are needed.
# *******************************************************************
# title: Inject SSL Trust Anchor on Overcloud Nodes
# description: |
# When using an SSL certificate signed by a CA that is not in the default
# list of CAs, this environment allows adding a custom CA certificate to
# the overcloud nodes.
# The content of a CA's SSL certificate file in PEM format. This is evaluated on the client side.
# Mandatory. This parameter must be set by the user.
# Type: string
SSLRootCertificate: |
The contents of your certificate go here
OS::TripleO::NodeTLSCAData: ../../puppet/extraconfig/tls/ca-inject.yaml
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