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- hosts: undercloud
name: Verify undercloud services state before running update or upgrade
description: >
Check undercloud status before running a stack update - especially minor update and major upgrade.
- post-upgrade
- pre-upgrade
- name: Check Services are running
command: "/usr/bin/systemctl show {{ item }} --property ActiveState"
become: true
with_items: "{{ undercloud_service_list }}"
register: "check_services"
changed_when: False
ignore_errors: true
- name: Fail if services were not running
fail: msg="One of the undercloud services was not active. Please check {{ item.item }} first and then confirm the status of undercloud services in general before attempting to update or upgrade the environment."
failed_when: "item.stdout != 'ActiveState=active'"
with_items: "{{ check_services.results }}"