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Add api-ref in MD format

This commit creates a vmware-nsx REST API extension
API reference document in github flavored markdown
format. The API ref herein only includes extensions for
NSX-v and NSX-v3 as MH will be deprecated.

To view this document as-is rendered see:

Moving forward we can keep this doc in sync with our
plugins so that consumers can just view the git tag
on github to see the related api ref for their release version
of the plugin. e.g.{REL}/api-ref/

Closes-Bug: #1601861

Change-Id: Id2af02fc629c398835ea216cfc19d8bbf583fa4c
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bodenr committed Sep 19, 2016
1 parent d19da9e commit 32d9a3023f2b20dc6b636fddfe7f2221d3ce3cfd
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