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Feature Support

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The table below describes the current features available in the Openstack API and the current support of this library. This list will be changing frequently as we continue to add new support and features. It is a current representation of the available features in the master branch of the project. See the section below for a list of features available for a specific version. If there are any features that you need and we currently do not support you have 2 options:

  1. Contact us and we will try our best to get it moved up in the priority list/roadmap.

  2. Pull down the code, add the feature and create a pull request :).

Versions and Release Notes

Current Available Features

 Completed    Coded: Pending Tests    Not Supported  
Product Feature Rackspace Openstack
  Handle ratelimit failures    
  Caches auth token
  Re-authenticates if necessary
  Does NOT store username or API key in persistent storage
  RAX:KSKEY authentication
  90% unit test coverage Ongoing  
  Smoketest with RAX public cloud Ongoing  
  Service catalog — select endpoint
  List Servers
  Create Server
  Delete Server
  Update Server
  Support AccessIP
  List addresses
  List addresses by network
  Support IPv6
  Support DiskConfig on server create
  Support DiskConfig on image create
  Change Admin Password
  Confirm Resized
  Revert Resized
  Create Image
  List Volumes
  Attach Volume
  Get Server Details
  List Images
  Get Image Details
  Delete Image
  List Flavors
  Get Flavor Details
  List Server Metadata
  Set Server Metadata
  Update Server Metadata
  Delete Server Metadata
  List Image Metadata
  Set Image Metadata
  Update Image Metadata
  Delete Image Metadata
  List Users
  Get User By Name
  Get User By Id
  Add User
  Update User
  Delete Users
  List Credentials
  Get User Credentials
  List User Global Roles
  Authenticate Token
  Get Tenants
  List Containers  
  Get Account Metadata  
  List Objects in Container  
  Object Filters  
  Create container  
  Delete container  
  Update container Metadata  
  Get Object  
  Create/Update object  
  Large object support  
  Copy object  
  delete object  
  Get object metadata  
  List CDN Containers  
  Enable CDN Container  
  List Metadata CDN Container  
  Update CDN container metadata  
  CDN Streaming Container  
  Purge CDN Object  
  Create Static Website  
Cloud Block Storage
  Create Volume  
  List Volume(s)  
  Show Volume  
  Delete Volume  
  List Volume Types  
  Describe Volume Type  
  Create Snapshot  
  List Snapshot  
  Show Snapshot  
  Delete Snapshot  
Cloud Networks
  Create Network  
  Delete Network  
  List Networks  
  Create Server attached to Cloud Network  
Load Balancers
  Get Stats    
  List Nodes    
  Add Node    
  Modify Node    
  Remove Node    
  List Virtual Ips    
  List Allowed Domains    
  Add IPV6 IP    
  Remove Virtual IP    
  List Usage    
  Create Access List    
  Update Access List    
  Dlete Access List    
  Monitor Health    
  Manage Session Persistence    
  Log Connections    
  Throttle Connections    
  Content Caching    
  List Protocols    
  List Algorithms    
  Update SSL termination    
  List Metadata    
  Add Metadata    
  Modify Metadata    
  Remove Metadata    
  List Instances    
  Create Instance    
  Get instance details    
  Delete Instance    
  Enable Root User    
  List Root Users    
  Restart Instance    
  Resize Instance    
  Resize Instance Volume    
  Create Database    
  List Databases    
  Delete Database    
  Create User    
  List Users    
  Delete Users    
  List Flavors    
  List Flavor by ID    
  List all Limits    
  List Limit Types    
  List specific Limit    
  List Domains    
  List Domain Details    
  List Domain Changes    
  export Domain    
  create domain    
  import domain    
  modify domain    
  remove domain    
  list subdomains    
  list records    
  search records    
  list record details    
  add records    
  modify records    
  remove records    
  List PTR Records    
  List PTR Record Details    
  Add PTR    
  Modify PTR    
  Remove PTR    
  Get Account    
  Update Account    
  Get Limits    
  List Audits    
  Create Entity    
  List Entities    
  Get Entity    
  Update Entity    
  Delete Entity    
  Create Check    
  Test Check    
  Test Check and Include Debug Information    
  Test Existing Check    
  List Checks    
  Get Check    
  Update Checks    
  Delete Checks    
  Create Check Type    
  List Check Types    
  Get Check Type    
  Update Check Type    
  Delete Check Type    
  Create Alarm    
  Test Alarm    
  List Alarms    
  Get Alarm    
  Update Alarm    
  Delete Alarm    
  Create Notification Plan    
  List Notification Plans    
  Get Notification Plan    
  Update Notification Plans    
  Delete Notification Plans    
  Create Monitoring Zone    
  List Monitoring Zones    
  Get Monitoring Zone    
  Update Monitoring Zone    
  Delete Monitoring Zone    
  Traceroute from Monitoring Zone    
  List Alarm Notification History    
  Get Alarm Notification History    
  Create Notification    
  Test Notification    
  List Notifications    
  Get Notifications    
  Update Notifications    
  Delete Notifications    
  Create Notification Type    
  List Notification Types    
  Get Notification Type    
  Update Notification Type    
  Delete Notification Type    
  List Alarm Changelogs    
  Views Get Overview    
  List Alarm Examples    
  Get Alarm Example    
  Evaluate Alarm Example    
  List Agents    
  List Agent    
  List Agent Connections    
  List Agent Connection    
  Create Agent Token    
  List Agent Tokens    
  Get Agent Token    
  Update Agent Token    
  Delete Agent Token    
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