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jurrian V1.0.1 (#80)
* Attach metadata to processed items

Also fixing problems with calling get_object_model

* CI shield badges in readme by branch

* Changed shared volume ownership and celery concurrency

* Including branch name in versions to avoid collisions

* Added Serialization module

* Fix for cython not installed in Dockerfile.test

* Fix for permission problems in Dockerfiles

* Fixing Notubiz tests

* Quickfix for deflating subitems

* Not namespacing identifiers with ori for now

* Fixing frontend permissions in Dockerfile.test

* Change Notubiz meeting title

* V1 model refactor

Changes for Relations in model definitions

Major model changes and refactors

Model changes including ext to mapping and removal of Meta

Quickfix for deflating subitems

Renaming to ori_identifier and expanding serializer

Renaming to Model and init of database class

Seperate neo4j test database and new tests

Implementing Hot-Cold design and URI class

Changed Namespaces and Model superclassing

Refactored namespaces and definitions

Removed Meta and other refactors

Major changes to all modules

Changed model inheritance

Fixes for pylint

Fixes for recursive model saving

Fixes for the nosetests

Correct backend dependecies

Correct backend dependencies

Making use of build-tmp image for CI caching

Correct backend dependencies

Fix for failing notubiz tests

* Replaced pypher by custom formatter

* Initializing Neo4jDatabase class with serializer instead of model

* Fixes for database class and missing primary_source

* Upgrading backend requirements for CVE vulnerabilities (#78)

* Upgrading backend requirements for CVE vulnerabilities

* Added jpeg-dev requirement for Pillow

* Pinned frontend requirements

* Fixes for new requests packages

* Kubernetes and Helm (#79)

* Changed versioning system

* Kubernetes deployment using Helm

* Google Cloud Endpoints swagger and templates

* Expose frontend only when port is specified

* Fixes for changed versioning

* Workdir might cause problems for cache invalidation

* Some fixes for Helm values and templates

* Fixes for changed versioning

* Changed Neo4j dev authentication

* Removing old secrets file

* Fix for Neo4jDatabase class driver caching
Latest commit 1cd3381 Aug 14, 2018

Open Raadsinformatie API

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See this guide to install the Open Raadsinformatie API using Docker, Vagrant or manually. There are also a few usage commands to get you started.


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The Open Raadsinformatie API is based on the Open Cultuur Data API. Authors and contributors of both projects are:



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