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Main Concepts

The main concepts are defined below:

Essentially just another word for "State" in our context. (Includes DC and Puerto Rico.)
Session (aka LegislativeSession)
A period of time in a legislature where the same members serve together, typically punctuated by elections. All bills in a session will be uniquely numbered. (e.g. HB 1 in the 2017 session is typically not the same bill as in the 2019 session)
Represents all types of legislation whether it is a bill, resolution, etc.
Vote (aka VoteEvent)
A vote among members of the legislature, typically an entire chamber but can also be a committee vote.
Person (aka Legislator)
Any person that is associated with the legislature.
A generic term used to represent a few different concepts: legislatures, chambers, committees, and political parties.
A particular role within an organization, typically used to represent a seat in the legislature. (e.g. the District 4 post in the North Carolina Senate Organization)
Ties a Person to a Post for a duration of time.

You'll notice these concepts mostly correspond to the v2 GraphQL :ref:`RootNodes`.

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