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Open States Infrastructure

Open States has grown to be a rather complex project over the years. The purpose of this documentation is to help explain how Open States works end-to-end to better help contributors and project members grasp the entirety of the system.


A great deal of Open States' infrastructure falls within the billy project. Here's roughly how it works:

  • A scraper is written that utilizes billy.scrape's Python helpers.
  • When invoked via billy-update, this scraper writes JSON files to disk.
  • These JSON files are then imported by billy.importers into MongoDB.
  • A denormalization step takes place allowing us to have aggregate info, billy.reports.

At this point the data has been scraped, validated, post-processed, imported, and we've generated some statistics like how many bills were updated, etc.

From here, the data is served out via a Django project. billy also helps with this, in the form of three applications:

Essentially the site you see when you browse
Open States API v1

This is a custom-built admin, truthfully just a series of views that project maintainers have found useful over time. There are some tools for manual data entry/reconciliation as well as error reporting.

Note: Now that the project is more community-driven and doesn't have a full-time staff, this approach is somewhat outdated and we'll be looking to improve access so that non-staff can help with some of the tasks included in the admin.