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Person Schema

  • id: UUID representing this person for this data set. required
  • name: Full Name. required
  • given_name: First name.
  • family_name: Last name.
  • gender: Male/Female/Other
  • biography: Official biography text.
  • birth_date: Birth date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • death_date: Death date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • image: URL to official photo.
  • ids: nested dictionary of additional ids
    • twitter: username of official Twitter account
    • youtube: username of official YouTube account
    • instagram: username of official Instagram account
    • facebook: username of official Facebook account
    • legacy_openstates: legacy Open States ID (e.g. NCL000123)
  • party: list of parties that the legislator has been a part of, each may have the following fields:
    • name: Name of the party. required
    • start_date
    • end_date
  • roles: list of legislative & executive roles held by this individual, each may have the following fields:
    • type: upper|lower|legislature|gov|lt_gov required
    • district: name/number of district required if not gov/lt_gov
    • jurisdiction: ocd-jurisdiction identifier required
    • start_date
    • end_date
    • end_reason: reason this role ended, such as resignation/death
    • contact_details: role-specific contact details (see below for schema)
  • contact_details (see below)
  • links (see below)
  • other_identifiers (see below)
  • other_names (see below)
  • sources (see below)

Organization Fields

  • id: UUID representing this organization. required
  • name: Name of Organization. required
  • jurisdiction: ocd-jurisdiction identifier required
  • parent: Parent of this organization, can be:
    • upper
    • lower
    • legislature
    • ID of a parent committee in the case of subcommittee required
  • classification: Classification, can be:
    • committee required
  • founding_date: Creation date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • dissolution_date: Dissolution date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • memberships: list of memberships, each may have the following:
    • id - ocd-person ID if known
    • name - name of person required
    • role - role that person fills on committee, if not 'member'
    • start_date
    • end_date

Common Elements

These sections can have a list of objects, each with the following fields available.

  • contact_details:

    • note: Description of what these details refer to (e.g. "District Office"). required
    • address: Mailing address.
    • email: Email address.
    • voice: Phone number used for voice calls.
    • fax: Fax number.
  • links:

    • note: description of the purpose of this link
    • url: URL associated with legislator required
  • other_identifiers:

    • scheme: origin of this identifier (e.g. "votesmart") required
    • identifier: identifier used by the given service/scheme (e.g. 13823) required
    • start_date: optional date identifier started being valid for this person
    • end_date: optional date identifier ceased to be valid for this person
  • other_names:

    • name: alternate name that has been seen for this person required
    • start_date: optional date name started being valid for this person
    • end_date: optional date name ceased to be valid for this person
  • sources:

    • note: description of the usage of this source
    • url: URL used to collect information for this person required

Additional Fields

These fields should only be set by the automated processes, but may also be present.

  • summary
  • sort_name
  • extras