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The following table is our timeline for when Open States expects to start serving data for the 2017 legislative sessions.

States are very roughly in descending order of priority, as determined by the start date for that legislature, the number of Open States users from that state, previous collaboration with that state's site administrators, and the presence of code contributors updating that state.

For more information:

State 2017 Legislative Session Begins Are Its Scrapers Running?
California 12/5/16
District of Columbia 1/2/17
Georgia 1/9/17
Maine 12/7/16
Massachusetts 1/4/17
Minnesota 1/3/17
New York 1/4/17
North Carolina 1/11/17
Ohio 1/2/17
Pennsylvania 1/3/17
Texas 1/10/17
Alaska 1/17/17
Arizona 1/9/17
Connecticut 1/4/17
Florida 3/7/17
Hawaii 1/18/17
Idaho 1/9/17
Illinois 1/11/17
Indiana 1/3/17
Michigan 1/11/17
Mississippi 1/3/17
Missouri 1/4/17
New Mexico 1/17/17
Wisconsin 1/3/17
Alabama 2/7/17
Arkansas 1/9/17
Colorado 1/11/17
Delaware 1/10/17
Iowa 1/9/17
Kansas 1/9/17
Kentucky 1/3/17
Louisiana 4/10/17
Maryland 1/11/17
Montana 1/2/17
Nebraska 2/6/17
Nevada 1/4/17
New Hampshire 1/4/17
New Jersey 1/10/17
North Dakota 1/3/17
Oklahoma 2/6/17
Oregon 2/1/17
Puerto Rico 1/9/17
Rhode Island 1/3/17
South Carolina 1/10/17
South Dakota 1/10/17
Tennessee 1/10/17
Utah 1/23/17
Vermont 1/4/17
Virginia 1/11/17
Washington 1/9/17
West Virginia 2/8/17
Wyoming 1/10/17


Why has (x state)'s scrapers started running before (y state)'s, even though (y state) is higher on the list?

In a decent number of states, we are able to re-use code from the 2016 legislative sessions, and so those states 2017 scrapers take much less effort. On the other hand, some state legislative websites have seen major changes; for example, the data on Delaware's and Arizona's websites are now structured in a completely different manner, which requires us to rewrite their scrapers from scratch.

This heterogeneity of effort, along with new scraper code submitted by contributors, may cause state scrapers to be reactivated in a seemingly-odd order.

But I want to get my state's data up sooner!

If an individual state's Open States data is crucial to your organization, we'd like to hear from you; email us at contact@openstates.org. If you're a software developer, you can update the state's scraping code yourself, and submit a pull request to the Open States GitHub repo, which'll let us fast-track your state.

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WV: subcommittees treated as full committees #1199

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