@balshetzer balshetzer released this Nov 30, 2013 · 1521 commits to master since this release

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Changes in this release:

  • New feature (on Windows and OS X): Portable mode allows putting Plover on a removable drive. To use, put an empty file named plover.cfg in the same directory as the Plover.exe (on windows) or Plover.app (on OS X) and Plover will use the local directory for all its files.
  • RTF/CRE dict parser is more forgiving and recognizes unix style newlines. This allows users to edit RTF/CRE dictionaries in regular text editors more easily

Bugs Fixed:

  • Adding a dictionary with the wrong extension crashed Plover.
  • Arpeggiate was broken (thanks rbrewer123).
  • Plover crashed if the serial port in the config doesn't exist.
  • Plover stopped working on resume when using a machine other than the NKRO keyboard.

Changes to default dictionary:

  • Fixed several entries (thanks Simon Melhart)
  • Default dictionary is now sorted by translation (thanks Zack Brown)
  • Removed all conflicts
  • converted to UTF-8.