@morinted morinted released this May 6, 2017

Plover v4.0.0.dev1+20.g60a373f

Plover is going through a huge overhaul to make for a better experience for our users, and developers, too.

Warning: Version 4 is a major change and the configuration file it creates is not compatible with Plover 3 or earlier. Please backup your plover.cfg


Plover 4.x looks different and is a little more developer friendly, too.

  • New UI (PyQT instead of wx).
    • Plover closes to tray, so you don't need to have a window in your taskbar.
  • Dictionary Revamp
    • Enable / disable dictionaries
    • Dictionary display order is now higher priority first (configurable)
    • External dictionary changes trigger a reload on configuration change (e.g. reconnecting the machine)
  • Windows now has an installer version available.
  • Older Mac versions should be supported again. (The lower bound is untested)
  • We now create a Linux AppImage.
  • Plugin support (not yet documented).
    • Will allow for custom machines, layouts, utilities, commands, and more, in time.


Plover running on a Mac:

Plover v4.0.0 weekly on Mac

Plover with the Italian Melani theory plugin, running on Windows
Plover v4.0.0 weekly on Windows

Plover now closes to the system tray, next to the clock. The tray icon indicates the output state, and the right-click menu allows you to control Plover without the need to have its main window open.

Installation Guide

Download below this post.