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Plover v4.0.0.dev6+5.ga5641165

This is a patch-fix for weekly-v4.0.0.dev6, as that release's Suggestions tool caused Plover to crash

Plover is going through a huge overhaul to make for a better experience for our users, and developers, too.

Warning: Version 4 is a major change and the configuration file it creates is not compatible with Plover 3 or earlier. Please backup your plover.cfg


  • New plugin types:
    • Macros

      Macros will allow for custom functionality at the stroke level. Existing features such as repeat last stroke, toggle asterisk, and asterisk (undo) have been reimplemented as macros.

      With this release, you can map other chords to "undo" by using the translation =undo.

      You can still use the old syntax for macros, but there are new, easier-to-recall versions available:

      • {*}: =retrospective_toggle_asterisk
      • {*!}: =retrospective_delete_space
      • {*?}: =retrospective_insert_space
      • {*+}: =repeat_last_stroke
    • Metas

      Metas are plugins that affect output -- you've used them in the form of delete space, capitalize next word, etc.

      With custom metas we could potentially introduce plugins for audio-file timestamp output, asterisk-undoable pasting, spelling-correction, text case transformation, and so much more.


  • Fix trailing space issue in spaces-after; #851
  • Fix display of \n and \t in the Add Translation dialog; #854
  • Improve stability of Gemini PR protocol; #846
  • Improve stability of ProCAT protocol; #601
  • Reduce CPU usage of Passport protocol
  • Fix several formatting issues especially related to retrospective uppercasing and capitalization; #836, #837

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